- HAPPY & CONFIDENT KIDS who CHOOSE WISELY when you're not around to guide them?

It REALLY is POSSIBLE- I've done it, and I've helped hundreds of thousands get the SAME through coaching, counseling, radio and TV.

Lorraine Pursell, MA

This is Lorraine Pursell. I've coached hundreds of thousands of parents into having happy, harmonious families. 

BUT... I was once a scared, single mom, WORRIED that I'd mess up my son’s chances for a happy, successful life!

I felt SO CLUELESS about raising him!

Can you relate...?

- I repeated my parents' mistakes even though I vowed to NEVER do that!
- I caught myself yelling uncontrollably at him even though I hated myself for it.
- I couldn't be the parent I wanted to be even though I loved him more than anything in the world.

In my 20+ years as a family counselor, coach and educational therapist serving over 30,000 hours
with parents, kids, families and individuals, I've been HONORED to inspire hundreds of thousands through TV, writing, radio, video, speaking and private practice to have happy lives and inner harmony.

I'm now an International Bestselling Author with a 2.5 year parenting segment weekly on NBC and a year-long weekly parenting show on AM Radio!

It feels so good to have helped so many through the anguish I felt.

BUT:  It was NOT always this way.

Let me tell you why I relate so well to parents...

Here's My Brief Story:

One night, I found myself yelling uncontrollably at my 4-year-old. I could not stop.I realized that I needed help- I was repeating my own childhood!

I went to counseling for years and healed myself so I could be the parent I wanted to be.
Mostly, I wanted to stop my "knee-jerk" responses of anger.
Do you know what I'm talking about? Those were intense times!

Fast Forward a Few Years:

Through many gifted counselors, I became the parent I wanted to be.
I grew and changed, and my son and I developed the close, trusting, honest & loving relationship I'd always wanted with him.
I pulled it off with the help of my parent mentor I hired when my son was 14.

"Through gifted healers and lots of counseling,
my son and I developed a fabulous relationship."

I got my Master's in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling so I could help others struggling like I did,
and a Board Certification in Educational Therapy. I started a BOOMING practice in California
where hundreds of families were served and I coached families, kids and individuals.

My story gets better...
2 years ago, my son called me from North Dakota and offered me the invitation of a lifetime when he said,
"Mom, I would love nothing more than for you to come to North Dakota and be a part of my family."

I sold my stuff on The Big Island of Hawai'i, shipped my Jeep to Oakland, CA, and 2 months later,
I drove across the U.S. to be with my family and 4 grandchildren.

I cannot express to you how amazing it is...
- to actually be WANTED by my son's family,
- to be with my grandchildren,
- and have SUCH full life with them- NOT from GUILT or DUTY, but their desire to be with me.

ESPECIALLY when you consider I ALMOST COMPLETELY BLEW IT 30 years ago!

In fact, as I write this, I'm with 2 of my grandsons- THIS is what I want for you!

"We don't go through all of the parenting pains,
worries, joys, tears & transformation
only to lose it all when they leave home.

"We don't realize how easily we alienate our children:
They may not want to be around us after they turn 18!
-Lorraine Pursell, M.A

Do you ever feel...
- Worried that your child won't talk to you- even though you're there for them
- Distracted in your efforts to raise your child- even though you try your best
- Confused by your child's reactions to you- even though you're nice to them
- Frustrated with your parenting results- even though you put them first
- Lacking in parent confidence- even though you think you should have the answers
- Angry at yourself and your children- even though you work hard to stay positive
- Upset when your child ignores you- even though you repeat yourself over & over?

Or are you...
- Discouraged by experts with complicated parenting methods and feeling deficient
- Worried with concerns about your child and sick to your stomach with fear
- Confused about the "Right Thing" to do so you lie awake worried most nights
- Frustrated when you try to be your child's friend afraid you're losing their respect
- Freaked about guiding your child wondering if you're doing it right
- Mad at your child for misbehaving, yet tortured because you think YOU'RE the cause
- Defeated and sometimes want to wave "The White Flag" on it all?

Believe me, I have felt it ALL

So after over 30,000 hours of counseling and coaching, I've put together WHAT WORKS
in a simple, straight forward, easy-to-use system.

"The 12 Secrets to Safe, Happy & Confident Kids 
Comprehensive Program"

In this Comprehensive 12 Secrets Program you get:
METHODS for raising great kids!
TECHNIQUES for a peaceful, happy, harmonious family
that last a LIFETIME!

In these 12 Complete Modules, you get:
- The EXACT METHODS I've taught for 20 years coaching families into harmony
- Techniques
for The RIGHT WAY to keep your strong trust with your child
- Tried-&-True TOOLS
for raising your empowered child who HELPS OUT MORE
- THE Parent Mentor
at your beck-and-call with INSTANT TIPS you can use RIGHT NOW!
- Proven Step-by-Step BLUEPRINTS
for raising the family YOU WANT
- Successful STRATEGIES
so you know EXACTLY what to do & when
for the parent you want to be
- Sage wisdom turn to 
so you can face difficulties with ease and confidence
- Family Transformation starting with your VERY 1st CLASS
- The Complete SYSTEM
for creating a healthy, loving bond with your child FOR A LIFETIME!

The 12 Secrets to Safe, Happy & Confident Kids
was a year-long coaching program for 5 years.

It's can easily be YOURS at a FRACTION of the COST of live tuition!

Access the PROVEN METHODS from the comfort of your own home.

Now it's easy to access all of these 12 Secrets!
And this valuable information is available
now at an easily affordable price!

You'll HAVE ALL of the TOOLS

(SEE BELOW for many families who've changed for the better
with The 12 Secrets Program.)

If you want Parent Peace of Mind, then these 12 Secrets are here for you.

You Can:
- Live in PARENTING PEACE because you're finally confident
- Sleep well at night because you know what you're doing 
- Understand your child's needs so you can be the parent they need
- Rest assured that you're doing the "Right Parent Thing"
- Proactively prepare & plan for challenges and ease in stressful times
- Intuit what to do when your child shuts down so they'll talk to you
- Have deep honesty and trust so you're an ongoing part of their life
- Gain your child's life-long respect because of what you model for them
- Enjoy them helping out because you give them the right choices
- Have your child want to be around you when they no longer have to be
- Watch your child make wise choices because they know what's best for them
- Inspire your child's confidence in their authentic self
- Stop nagging so your child stays open to you
- Empower your child who is now capable and independent
- Let go of your child when it's the right thing for both of you
- Give the GIFT of RESPONSIBILITY so your child becomes grateful vs. entitled
- Communicate honestly so they learn to respect you
- Take time for you so you're a better parent
- Feel good about your life and family for everyone's well-being
- Re-parent yourself so you can be who you REALLY want to be

Each 12 comprehensive audio modules
THE BEST of what's PROVEN to WORK!

You have everything you need in step-by-step classes.

Here are just SOME class highlights of your program...

Section 1- "The 3 Greatest Gifts You Can Give Your Child"

                                                           Lessons learned from 20 years of Listening to Kids Tell Me What They Want!

These 3 classes teach you EVERYTHING your child needs from YOU.
This is your Blueprint of how to give your child what they REALLY want so they will respect you and want to be around.

Class 1- SATISFY YOUR CHILD'S GREATEST DESIRE, no matter what their age, for your close relationship lasting a lifetime

Class 2- GIVE YOUR CHILD THE GIFT of RESPONSIBILITY so they can CONTRIBUTE to your family and the world

Class 3- LET GO OF YOUR CHILD AND WHEN so they want to be with you when they no longer have to be

Section 2- "Listen, Hear and Act on Your Intuition"
                                                         The Keys to Creating and Keeping Lasting Closeness with Your Child

Discover your natural gifts and parenting talents now at your fingertips! 
Know EXACTLY what to do and how to be when your child comes to you for help.

Class 4- LISTEN SO YOUR CHILD FEEL HEARD so they feel respected and their self-esteem is elevated

Class 5- SPEAK SO YOUR CHILD HEARS YOU THE FIRST TIME so there is less frustration for them AND you

Class 6- USE YOUR INNER SHERLOCK HOLMES and use your intuition to guide you every step of your parenting journey

Section 3-  "Take Parenting Personally"
                                                           Unlock Your Confidence & Heal and to Be The BEST Parent You Want to Be

Finally heal from your childhood wounds so you can be happy and feel REALLY GOOD about your life.
You will learn how to BE FREE to enjoy your life, even as a responsible parent.

Course 7- TAKE CARE OF YOU so you can take care of your family, and your child learns to take care of themselves by your example

Course 8- FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOU and why it is so important so your kids will feel good about themselves and be happy

Course 9- RE-PARENT YOURSELF so you can bypass "knee-jerk" responses and so you act consciously under stress

Section 4- " Your Child Living Their Life's Purpose"
                                                          The Path to Your Child's Masterful LAUNCH into Their Great Big Life

How to do your best parenting job so your kids lead happy, productive lives in Their Life's Purpose!
This final section ties it all together, so your child successfully and masterfully launches into the world!

Course 10- CREATE YOUR CLOSENESS CRITERIA with your child so they confidently live their Life's Purpose

Course 11- TEACH GRATITUDE so your child stands out among millions and is a gracious, confident leader

Course 12- "ZIP IT" so your child learns to know their intuition and hears their inner voice to keep them safe in the world

Each class comes with:
  Special Follow-Along-Notes for each Course so you don't miss a DROP 

2-  Real-Time Transformational Audios for Maximum Healing and Growth
3-  STEP-BY-STEP Blueprints for lasting positivity in BOTH your child's life & yours.

For 5 years I did this program live.
The 12 Secrets year-long program was $2,364.00.
That's $197.00 for EACH of the 12 Courses.

The home study version
of the same program
for a fraction of the cost:

All 12 courses are only $197.00.

Why am I offering this valuable system at such a low price? Because I've seen many, many families and kids grow and heal through the program-
I want to get The 12 Secrets to many, many  more families!

I want these 12 Secrets benefiting more folks than I can serve in my live program!

The 12 Secrets program has all you need for a child who:

- Confidently goes into the world with good judgment and a sound mind
- Makes wise decisions when you are not there to guide them
- Respects boundaries & limits because The 12 Secrets show you "The Right Parent Thing" with certainty
- Likes and loves themselves because you give them the proper balance of praise and correction
- Is grateful to others without an "Entitlement Attitude" so they can stand out from the crowd
- Is responsible and can follow through and finish what s/he starts
- Is truthful because they are not afraid to speak honestly and authentically
- Knows their life's purpose because you use The 12 Secrets to develop their strong sense of self
- Hears their INNER VOICE and follows their instincts so they be safe in the world and in life!

What People Say about The 12 Secrets and Lorraine...

"Lorraine is a tremendously gifted facilitator and healer.

Her insights, love and intuition make her very powerful in her gifts.
People are lucky who can get into her schedule and work with her.
She is absolutely free of judgment and is very humble.
I consider her a Master Coach, Master Seer and a Wise Sage.
Her clients consider her a trusted friend, and her humor and lightness
is very comforting, making for easy, positive change."
-Rose Cole, Internationally Renown Women’s Coach, www.RoseCole.com

"I completely endorse Lorraine and her work.
Lorraine Pursell is the best parent mentor I can imagine.
She is a gifted Counselor and enlightened family healer.
She can bring wellness to even the most dysfunctional families.
Imagine a world where our children are parented well,
and because of that, they can parent their own children well.
This is what Lorraine's work is all about, healing families,
empowering children, and making a difference in the world."
–Ken Foster, International Speaker, Best-Selling author of
"Ask and You Will Succeed", www.KenFoster.com

"My son disliked his father so much that he NEVER wanted to see him again!
My heart was breaking! Lorraine’s 12 Secrets showed my husband new ways to be
if he wanted his son around. Her methods are so simple and common sense, yet life changing. She gave us the tools and we did the hard work. As my husband practiced her 12 Secrets, miracles happened. My son and husband are now friends. If it weren't for Lorraine's 12 Secrets, my son would have DIVORCED his father. Now we're a happy family when Zack comes home from college. I am a very happy Mom! Thank you, forever, Lorraine! You are so special to our family- we love you!"
- Kathy Mexicano, Mother of 2, Scotts Valley, California

“We are so happy we joined Lorraine’s 12 Secrets Program!
We needed a little direction on managing our spirited 4 year old. The 12 Secrets taught us how to honor our son and let him be who he is, yet help him be responsible for his things and help out more. Our frustration level has dropped. We now have important strategies early with our kids- now we know what to do as they grow. We are equipped.”
–Thea Holter, Mother of 2, Williston, North Dakota

“The 12 Secrets helped my teenage sons and I restore our relationship during seriously troubled times. I know a lot about parenting... but no matter how good you think you are, you can’t do it alone! Lorraine’s 12 Secrets taught me powerful methods to reconnect and strengthen our bonds. The loving and practical support I got was what we needed to see it all through. Today, both sons a very successful, and we’re all thankful for the changes in our lives. Thanks, Lorraine, for making this program available to us!”
-Sharon Slayton, Prog. Dir., CA League of Volunteers, Mother of 2, Fremont, CA

“When I joined the 12 Secrets Program, I was like Lorraine-

I had an anger problem. Lorraine’s program helped me to
become aware of my issues and to change and grow.
I hardly ever yell anymore. I am closer to my children
and SO much happier. My kids help out and are more responsible.
I feel empowered to be the Mom I always wanted to be.
Thanks to Lorraine’s support and Secrets,
I am destined to stay close to my kids.”
-Adriana Ashley, Mother of 2, Weston, Florida

"My family and I have been so blessed to be a part of Lorraine's 12 Secrets
and to work with her over the past 10 years. I have learned many great and empowering parent techniques from Lorraine, and she's helped me overcome
my tendency to do too much for too many and lose myself in the process.
I now take care of myself so I can be the best parent possible.
Thanks for the amazing support, Lorraine - it's helped to bring
harmony in my home and peace in my life!"
-Tracy O'Brien Baldwin, O'Brien Prosperity System, Mother of 4,
Manitoba, Canada, www.ProsperNow.me

“I’m so glad I met Lorraine.
We met at a conference and I immediately connected with her.
I enrolled in her 12 Secrets Program and learned ways to
stand up for myself as a mother and take my rightful place in my home.
(It also brought healing from a painful childhood with my parents
and helped to heal my family and marriage.)
The Secrets are practical tools and strategies for getting the family you want.
My advice- Get the 12 Secrets Program! It's the best thing you can do for your family's future and for yourself.”
-Julia Bergeson, Mother of 8, Boise, Idaho

“Lorraine’s 12 Secrets were the answer to parenting issues
we’d struggled with for years.

We learned how to balance our relationships with
our teenage daughters so we could have a
more harmonious family, and our girls are happier
now because of our stronger parenting position.
The 12 secrets even helped improve our marriage.
Thanks, Lorraine, for helping our family go from good to great!”
-Laura Erickson, Entrepreneur, Mother of 2, Williston, North Dakota

“We highly recommend The 12 Secrets Program
because it shows you how to manage
tough parenting situations with clear steps
that are easy to follow.
Our kids willingly help out more now
because of Lorraine's guidance.
The 12 Secrets are simple, straight-forward
and make sense.
It solves parenting confusion and the methods are easy
to understand and use.
And they WORK!”
-Julie and Justin Olsen, Parents of 3, Williston, North Dakota

“Lorraine has been my parent mentor for years-

She gives parents hope, and that is a gift!
Her openness about her own mistakes makes you feel very comfortable
and like it's all going to work out!
She is DEFINITELY someone you can follow and trust.
Because of her advice, my 2 daughters are balanced, happy and confident.
I don’t know what I would do without Lorraine’s wisdom
and the clear and EASY-TO-FOLLOW steps in The 12 Secrets
to Safe, Happy and Confident Kids program.”
-Theresa Kloepfer, Mother of 2, Aptos, California

“Lorraine came into our lives and everything changed.
Her caring guidance pulled my family out of discomfort and miscommunication
and brought us back to openness and love. The 12 Secrets helped us regain what was
there all the time, but we had lost it. Now we easily communicate and are a family-team. And my teenage daughter has no attitude issues like before
she actively participates and contributes to our happy family.

The 12 Secrets even improved our marriage by showing us better ways to relate,
and healed me from childhood stuff that kept me hiding and small!
We are so grateful to Lorraine and the program- we cannot recommend it enough.”
–Heather Bellue, Elementary Teacher, Mother of 3, Aptos, California

"The 12 Secrets Program is the FAST TRACK to what I want.

I now know what to do in tough spots. Lorraine’s fresh guidance helps
when the struggles come; I remember our sessions and know
how to respond positively. Because of the Program, I can look within.
I've learned to stop problems in advance because Lorraine taught us
to set the stage for our child to succeed. I highly recommend The 12 Secrets to anyone.
My Mom, my daughter’s Grandmother, participates from Lake Tahoe and gets tons out of it for her grandchildren!"
-Karyn Clay, Entrepreneur, Kamuela, Hawai’i

“The 12 Secrets program was a life-saver for my family
when we were going through an extremely difficult time.
Lorraine's methods and tools were very important to
keep stability for our kids and us.
We learned about boundaries and limits that kept our kids secure.
Do whatever you can to get Lorraine’s 12 Secrets program-
it’s the short-cut to perfect and secure parenting.
Your family and your happy children will thank you.”
-Misty Brown, Receptionist, Mother of 3, Modesto, California

“Lorraine’s 12 Secrets saved our daughter who was getting into trouble,
and I was very scared. I called Lorraine in a panic- she made time for us right away
and taught us her 12 Secrets that we used. Our daughter is now back
involved in the family again and shares the family load without attitude.
We did the hard work, and now, our daughter is a changed girl.
Her attitude is gone and she openly talks to my husband and I again-
we have our close family back.”
Vicky Bowers, Special Ed Teacher, Mother of 3, Williston, North Dakota

"Three generations are healing from the 12 Secrets Program.
When my wife of 28 years secretly left, in my shock I called Lorraine.
Her 12 Secrets work included my 73 year old mom and my 2 teen children.
In 1 short session of The 12 Secrets, my eyes were opened and I changed.
My children are happier with the new me, and my wife is now home!

The amazing connection my family and I have made with Lorraine
has led me to recommend her to literally EVERYONE I know.
Her program is the real deal. She shows everyone their truth and potential,
and you feel good about yourself while you go through your transformation.
Her special gifts are worth every penny that you invest.Thank you, Lorraine.
You are the best! Misery is too expensive!"
Mr. Wilber Boyd, Entrepreneur, Father of 2, Kona, Hawai'i

Join the ranks of happy families
who have found
The 12 Secrets!

Your family will thank you for years to come.

I'm here for you.


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