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[Video] Early Bird Price Ends Soon! Earth Angel School

Imagine… you are in a safe group of women who get you, who have your back, and who only praise and celebrate you and your personal success each and every week! How good would that feel?

Imagine… your son or daughter being so proud of you that they brag about you to THEIR FRIENDS because you are living Your Great Big Life.

And imagine that because of this, your son or daughter now had the courage to go forth and live their life’s purpose- you are their example and their guiding star as you do this for yourself.

Watch this video now here.

Sisters around the world in Earth Angel School report transformation, comfort and relief from no longer feeling alone as a deeply caring, loving Woman On The Rise!

We have gifts to give, Lorraine! The world needs us to be empowered now! Our children need us to be empowered now!

Now is the time to take advantage of my early bird pricing that ends October 15!

You can still get the Founding Members’ pricing and benefits, so if this has been resonating with you, go here now and enroll.

Price more than doubles after October 15, so jump in now to take me up on this special pricing!

Enroll now at the Founding Members’ price while you still can.

Watch the videos of what Members say about their experience even though they’ve NEVER attended live! Watch here now.

I’ll see you there!

Earth Angel School is my solution for you if you have wanted to work with me, but weren’t up for paying for private coaching. I coach you live on the calls, do a grounding meditation, give a class with empowerment tools, answer questions, and much, much more! Enroll now for this LIMITED TIME PRICING!

You can still get your first month FREE- try it and see how you love it! Enroll now.


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