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[Webinar} The 3 Keys to Being Queen Again- for Your Family

This is why your family needs you to be Queen:

Think of your sons and daughters. Would you want your beautiful daughter or granddaughter to feel she is less than she is?

Would you want your son to feel he should treat women harshly? (THIS, btw, is the REAL reason I left my ex- I could not allow my son to witness the harshness and think that this is the way to treat women. I really did it for my son and for women everywhere- I could not abide with it, but ultimately, my son’s concern and my love for women around the world was my Tipping Point.)

Then YOU, my love, must be the example. Really. I’m not kidding.

Where are yo being less than you know in your Soul you are?

Where are you tolerating treatment that is below your Queenly status?

Your children hear you complain after work and about the person who is not giving you the respect you know is right.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

YOU really are the example to your kids and grand kids.

I know, I know, I know.

We want to run from the responsibility.

We want to hide our light, especially as Earth Angels.

But unless we stand in our full power as Queens & Empowered Earth Angels, our Souls eternally cry- we KNOW in our Heart of Hearts that we are meant for MORE. More Happiness. More Peace. More Power.

You were meant for a grand and glorious journey to your Authentic Soul Expression. You know it.

We need help to get there

I don’t believe we can do it alone without help, even though our ego tells us we should be able to and criticizes us for even thinking about support

But let me tell you, I wouldn’t be here today if I’d said NO to my soul and continued limping through life- if I’d listened to my ego and didn’t pay dearly for coaching and create the Soul Sister community, Earth Angel School.

So through the support of others stronger than I was, I borrowed their faith in me and kept growing and believing in myself. Just like you may need to do

Queen is your rightful place.

It’s the place where you calmly don’t take it anymore because you know that you’re SO WORTHY that nothing rattles you.

It is Regal. It is elegant. It is beautiful. And you can do it. If I can, you can too, ~Contact.FirstName~

And I arrived there. You can, too. Tomorrow I have a Webinar to show you HOW to get there with The 3 Keys of the path to Queenhood.

It’s a position you take and the position you hold. It is your rightful place.

And this is what I’ll share with you in my webinar tomorrow.

I want to invite you back into your power for the sake of your family. Register for the webinar in the PS below, and I’ll show you exactly how even if you feel hopeless.

No worries if you can’t make it live. The info is so valuable that I’ll send you the replay. Just go ahead and register below.

Sometimes we can’t do it for ourselves- the only thing that make us to stand up and be seen is our children,like it was for me. So for their sake, learn to stand tall again as an example, show your daughters their rightful place and your sons how to treat a Queen. Register below.




PS- Webinar this Thursday on this topic:

How to Get Your Queen Status Back & Save Your Family

I’ve found a King of a man who has fallen in love with me, and I have returned his affections -aw, isn’t that sweet! I am falling in love right now, and I just feel so good that I want to share with you the secrets I’ve learned that gave me the status of Queen in his eyes!

He even addressed me as “Queen” at the start of his text to me yesterday! 

I used to be a Slave Girl, and I’ll explain all about that in the webinar.

Are you a Slave Girl? Do you:

~ Over-give?

~ Over-do?

~ Bend over backwards?

~ Feel like you are taken for granted?

These are all signs that you have given away your power and are now acting like Cinderella.

Join me for this special webinar and learn how to come back home to yourself.

Register here.

Can’t wait to see you there. Love, Lorraine





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