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What happens when we give up our power?

You are a Queen.

You are the Spiritual Leader of your family.

When you retire your power, when you “behave” and let yourself be treated in a way that you would not want your children to see, your whole realm falls into chaos.

I just got off Skype with a client who is regaining her power right this minute.

Her Realm has fallen into chaos, like many of my female clients’ Realms have.

Her husband is grouchy (and rather emotionally abusive), her daughter is afraid, and so is she.

YOU are the Spiritual Leader of your family…

This really sucks because my beautiful client used to be a powerful Queen, full of confidence, and has stood in her power many times before. (And, btw, she is doing an AMAZING job of getting her power back- she is TRULY a ROCK STAR!)

In fact, the Queen that she is, is the woman her husband fell in love with, and when she DOES stand in her power, she sees him almost act relieved that ‘she’ is back.

And I wonder if this is true for you, too?

But she got tired. She grew weary of her husband’s reactions to her standing strong, like so many of us do, so she let her power go. I did the same.

It’s NOT her fault, and it’s not yours, either!

Now, because of her giving away her power & believing negative thoughts about herself, everything in her family is out of balance, and she is not alone! 

This is EXACTLY what happens when the Queen defers her power to make peace, keep things ‘smooth and not rock the boat in the family.

I did it, too! I lost MY power when I was married. It is so easy to do- society supports us caving in on our value, self-respect and confidence!

Yes, you are the Spiritual Leader of the family.

It is true. In case you did not know, I am here to inform you-




Your husband and partner is the King, but YOU, my love, are the Queen.

I want to invite you back into your power for the sake of your family. Register for my webinar showing you exactly how below in the PS.

No worries if you can’t make it live. The info is so valuable that I’ll send you the replay. Just go ahead and register below.

Sometimes we cannot do it for ourselves- the only thing that would drive us to stand up and be seen again is our children, so for their sake, let’s stand tall again as an example.






Webinar this Thursday on this topic:

How to Get Your Queen Status Back & Save Your Family

I’ve found a King of a man who has fallen in love with me, and I have returned his affections -aw, isn’t that sweet! I am falling in love right now, and I just feel so good that I want to share with you the secrets I’ve learned that gave me the status of Queen in his eyes!

I used to be a Slave Girl, and I’ll explain all about that in the webinar.

Are you a Slave Girl? Do you:

~ Over-give?

~ Over-do?

~ Bend over backwards?

~ Feel like you are taken for granted?

These are all signs that you have given away your power and are now acting like Cinderella.

Join me for this special webinar and learn how to come back home to yourself.

Register here.

Can’t wait to see you there. Love, Lorraine

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