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Tired of the VALLEY?

Then get ready for happiness peace and joy because it's YOURS! 

This is Lorraine Pursell- watch below & hear MY story...

If you're tired of holding yourself back,
done with sadness, anxiety or depression,
and ready for the fabulous, happy, fulfilled life you deserve,

then I'm so happy you're here- you're in the right place!

You don't need to let self-doubt or fear ruin your day or your life ANYMORE.

Negative mental messages and bad inner feelings rob us of our joy and can stop us dead in our tracks.

Do you let these hold you back from shining and giving your gifts like I used to?

If you've had it with feeling sad, depressed and fearful and want the self-esteem and happiness you deserve,
then here's your answer! 

Stop bad feelings and negative beliefs so you're FREE to be happy- no matter what!

Lorraine Pursell, MA

My story is maybe a little bit like yours...

​I used to be a victim in my life until recently. I lived in severe emotional pain and deep depression, and wanted to leave the planet.

I attracted emotionally abusive relationships because I did not value myself. I 'took it' because I thought that this was all I was worth.

I was afraid to express myself and I lived my life for others. Can you relate?

My life was once such a mess.
Now I'm free to be happy- and I'll show you exactly how for yourself step-by-step.

Because of my dramatic journey from depression to happiness, I wanted to help other women feel happier, too. I got my Counseling Master's Degree and started coaching women and their families in 1995.

I'm now FREE of sadness and depression and my life gets better and better. I have no more bad days.
My days of hiding are over.
My whole life opened up for me-

I got to have weekly NBC TV shows for 2 and 1/2 years, 

become an International Bestselling Author,

Do years of radio shows

 and many other ways that I now spread hope around the world.
My confidence is high, and I'm so blessed to be helping other women just like you
live the lives they've always dreamed of... 

What I call Your Great Big Life.

Lorraine Pursell, MA

I'm also happily single making my own way- I vow to love, honor and cherish myself forever. I'm finally content and happy to be me!

I hardly recognize myself now- my life is SO GOOD

The way I live my life now- confidently writing, speaking and giving my gifts- is such a sharp contrast to the way I used to hide under the covers- literally. I'm NOT the same me!

From my journey, I've DEVELOPED POWERFUL TOOLS for helping others.

Can you relate to my former disappointing life?

- I was dying to give my gifts, but I didn’t think I mattered.

- I had many gifts to give, but I let others' disapproval talk me out of sharing them.

- I'm a sensitive person- I felt others' judgment and let that stop me from living full-out. 

- I wondered if I'd even make it- I felt so bad, but I couldn't seem to change my life on my own.

- I was so sad not living my life's purpose, but I didn't not know how to change.

Do you…

- Give some of your gifts, but know you have so much more to give, and let fear stop you?

- Wish you believed in yourself, but your feelings of low self-worth hold you back?

- Want to feel better about yourself but feel imprisoned by low self-esteem?

- Want respect from others, but they can't because you don't respect yourself?

- Want to feel happy in your life but don't know how?

If ANY of this sounds familiar, it's not your fault.
You CAN overcome
fear, depression, low self-esteem, low self-worth, despair and self-loathing.
And I'll show you how.

This $800 program is now specially priced so you have nothing stopping you from living Your Great Big Life!

There's a BIG PLAN for your life...
Are you WASTING it?

You can have the beautiful, inspiring life you've always dreamed of and wanted!

In fact, those dreams are from Source, God, All That Is!

You would not have those dreams if they were not your destiny!
I'm living proof, and so are my clients.

Here's the big confusion...
Our Culture Says that
it's SELFISH to Love Yourself.

Our world says that loving ourselves is selfish. But that's confusing.
We know that we're to “Love our neighbors as ourselves.”

Loving ourselves is the most selfless act of all.

Without self-love, we have nothing to offer.
But we have the confusing message that self-love is conceited!

Actually, loving ourselves is the least conceited thing we can do...
Loving ourselves benefits our families and the world!

You can't give your gifts without self-love.
You can't be confident without self-love.
You can't live your happy life without self-love.

The gifts you were given at birth and those you've developed over your lifetime
are what you're meant to shine & GIVE to THE WORLD!!!

Here's my Professional Secret:
When we appreciate ourselves, we feel good and our depression lifts.
Expression Is the Opposite of Depression.

This is the Secret that healed me when I was scared to be myself.

In my counseling practice, I was shocked and deeply saddened when my clients couldn't say just 5 things they liked and loved about themselves- they thought it was conceited.

Because of this faulty belief, they hid themselves and their God-given gifts and talents. This is a disaster. I understand it, though! This was me before I grew in self-worth.

I finally got tired of being really miserable.

I knew there HAD to be more to life. I read and studied and practiced because I wanted happiness so badly. I began my upward spiral into positive feelings and left depression behind- I hired coaches who helped me see who I am.
Now I live an amazing life of joy and happiness.

If you're ready for Your Great Big Life that's WAITING AND READY FOR YOU,
and you're ready to drop excuses to happiness and fulfillment,
and stop being a victim and step into taking charge of your life 

then The Women's Self-Love Journey is for you!

For 2 decades I’ve helped women just like you
end negative self-beliefs
and raise their self-esteem to true confidence
and the happy life they deserve.

It all builds on itself, and soon you're in full self-expression-
the opposite of depression.

Ready to leave your excuses behind?
Blaming others behind?
Leave your VICTIM behind?
Put FEAR in it's place?
Kill your self-doubt?

If you're DONE with:
1- Feeling insecure & not knowing your brilliance
2- Hiding your God-given gifts and hiding from life
3- Shrinking from your greatness and playing small
4- Comparing yourself to others
5- Feeling inferior, not enough and not worthy
6- Being self-conscious and being afraid to be you
7- Feeling LOST and knowing there's MORE

then here's what I have for you…

Women's Self-Love Journey Program | LorrainePursell.com

Until now, the material in this program has only been offered for $800.00 live, or to my private clients paying upwards of $1200 a month in my private practice. 

Now, I'm making it available to you in this easy-to-use and highly affordable Home Study Program so you can have the same transformation these other women have  enjoyed.

The Women’s Self-Love Journey is my Signature Program
the BEST of my 20+ yr. career and 30,000 coaching hrs.

Women release guilt, shame, fear, low self-esteem, low self-worth, depression & self-doubt from this program and now live happier, fulfilled, self-expressed lives!

Join the ranks of women who've found themselves again and are:
> Living without fear, anxiety or depression
> Knowing their gifts & giving them with confidence
> FEELING their own self-worth & deserving
> Speaking & STANDING UP for their truth
> Expressing themselves fully & liking who they are
> Doing what they desire & living with NO REGRETS
> Respecting themselves & are respected by others
> Having fulfilling careers & earning their worth
> Being examples to their daughters
> Taking full responsibility for their lives
> Confidently asking for & getting their needs met
> Living their hand-shake deal with God and

> Living their FULL life's purpose - NO APOLOGIES

Be happier now. Speak your truth.
Live authentically.
 Respect yourself.
This 12-module program has never before been offered for individual sale
in this affordable, easy-to-use Home-Study format.

Women's Self-Love Journey Program | LorrainePursell.com

In this special Home Study Program never before offered for individual sale you get:
- 12 Transformational Modules on these important topics:

  • ~ Who Am I: The Journey to Discovering Me
  • ~ Cherishing Myself So Others Can Cherish Me
  • ~ Tapping Into My Desires and What Makes My Heart Sing
  • ~ Nourishing My Body and Hearing What It Wants
  • ~ Living My Life with No Regrets
  • ~ Assertiveness and Boundary Strengthening
  • ~ I Am Worthy- the Path to High Self-Esteem
  • ~ Conscious Language and Using My Words to Shape My Life
  • ~ Youthing and Defying Typical Aging
  • ~ Self-Care Rituals for Deeper Well-being and Heath
  • ~ Protecting My Sacred Space
  • ~ Releasing Bitterness, Resentment and Grudges So My Life Can Heal
  • ~ Deepening and Caring for My Soul & Spirit
  • ~ My Earliest Dreams and What They Reveal About My Destiny
  • ~ My Core Message, Purpose and Gifts
  • ~ And more for giving you a truly happy and fulfilled life

- 12 Module Guides and Worksheets

  • ~ Guides for your journey with exercises guaranteed to deepen each lesson for your greatest results
  • ~ Worksheets for guided visualizations to anchor your new, empowered self
  • ~ Recommended movies to enhance each module's teaching that you will love
  • ~ Recommended Reading List- books hand-selected to expand your understanding

- Bonus Module from Experts in Self-Care and Nutrition

  • ~ Hear from Dr. Sandra Bevacqua on feminine self-care
  • ~ Learn from Sarah Wayne, CNE on increasing your intuition through nutrition and meditation

- Private, Sacred Face Book group

  • ~ Your sacred space only for alumni and women in The Women's Self-love Journey
  • ~ A supportive, loving sisterhood where you can feel safe to share about what's going on for your life

Here's how your life will change . . .

Women's Self-Love Journey Program | LorrainePursell.com

I've learned this from personal experience and from coaching women for over 24 years that only when we love and honor ourselves can we truly love others.
My depressed and sad days were misery for those I loved.
It's your responsibility to be as happy as possible
so you can lift those around you just 
by your example.

The Women’s Self-Love Journey Home Study Program
offers you these important changes-

You can: 

  • ~ Deepen your self-appreciation so your self-love grows and you can be more loving to others
  • ~ Be Inspired to fully be YOU so you can stop holding yourself back
  • ~ Discover your true beauty and give your gifts that are your birth-right
  • ~ Awaken your life so you can find yourself again & be fulfilled
  • ~ End depressed feelings so you can finally express yourself
  • ~ Know the TRUTH about YOU, be courageous & never again abandon yourself 
  • ~ BE the person you dream of so you can experience true happiness and fulfillment
  • ~ Break free from guilt, shame and embarrassment so you can truly shine
  • ~ End anger, bitterness and resentment so you can live a life of LOVE
  • ~ Stop limiting beliefs so you can live confidently in your GREAT BIG LIFE!

Of Course, It's all up to you- what will YOU do?

This $800.00 program has only been available live or in my private practice.

But I want to reach many more women with this important self-love message.
I created an affordable way for you to get this transformation in a convenient Home-Study.
I want to share this with as many women as possible so we shift and change the world together.
When women are happy and self-loving, their families and communities flourish.

I created a VERY affordable way for women
to grow, heal and have happy and fulfilled lives...

I want this material to be available for every woman who wants real change in their lives.

This program until now has only been offered to my private clients and in $800 live group programs.

I want to share it with you so you can have the happy, fulfilled life you deserve.

If you want:
True, lasting confidence,
Living in true, authentic fulfillment,
And finding you again-
then come home to yourself.

  You deserve this joy, freedom and happiness- 
You were born for this
Click below to access your at-home study course

NOW at a tiny fraction of the original price.

The Women’s Self-love Journey home study course
await you

I hope that you will do this for yourself and join us for the happy, confident life you deserve.

Lorraine Pursell, MA
Lorraine Pursell, MA

Lorraine Pursell, M. A.

If this program is speaking to you, don't wait.

If you're a woman who is SERIOUS about your transformation,
willing to drop the excuses, and no-matter-what are committed to
doing whatever it takes to create the life of your dreams, then
now is your moment.

Take this opportunity now- don't wait.

Where will you be in 6 months or a year if you don't do this for yourself now?

Your life is waiting- the life you've always KNOWN you are meant for.


The Work, Life, Family Balance BONUS PACK:

1- Work, Life, Family Balance Speech- Living Your Life On Purpose - learn the feminine way to live your life and not waste your days with follow-along-notes from one of Lorraine's rare live speeches…

2- Exclusive AM Radio Interview on Work, Life, Family Balance - Living Your Life On Purpose where Lorraine explains the importance of making time for YOUR desires every day PLUS…

3- #1 Secret to Work, Life, Family Balance TELE-CLASSwhere you’ll learn how to clear the way for you creating time in YOUR life for what matters most.

What Others Say:

"Lorraine is a tremendously gifted facilitator and healer. Her insights, love and intuition make her very powerful in her gifts. People are lucky who can get into her schedule and work with her. She is absolutely free of judgment and is very humble. Her clients consider her a trusted friend, and her humor and lightness is very comforting, making for easy, positive change."
Rose Cole, Internationally Renown Women’s Leader, www.RoseCole.com

“The Women’s Self-Love Journey program is AWESOME! I got answers I’ve been looking for my whole life. I got so many tools- this program is SO worth it. I learned how to overcome fear and how to raise my feelings when I feel bad. Lorraine is loving and compassionate. I felt cared for. It is a gorgeous experience with the support of fellow Journey-sisters who care. It feels okay to love me now.”

Nancy Norvell, Mother of 1, Williston, North Dakota

“I am so thankful for the Women’s Self-Love Journey. I am no longer neglecting myself and I now ask, ‘What do you need?’ and give it to myself. I am taking time for  self-nourishment and I've leaned to take care of ME and heal. Lorraine has a way of putting emotions into words that make good sense. She is a trusted friend and I do not know what I would do without her.”

Dee James, 20-year Radio Personality, Illinois and North Dakota

“My self-esteem was at an all-time low, then I found The Women’s Self-Love Journey. Lorraine’s openness and vulnerability about her own journey gave me permission to be more honest and vulnerable. I’ve made a new commitment to myself with the tools I learned and would highly recommend The Journey to anyone who wants to find the love and possibilities in their life.”

Patti Siroky, Hobart, Indiana

“Lorraine’s words always change how I view my life. I an Lorraine's videographer, and I get nourished while I hear her words while we are filming. I love her teachings and her wisdom, and highly recommend her programs. Thank you for coming into my life, Lorraine ;).
One love, Sister!”

Jessica Agre, Professional Photographer, Williston, North Dakota

"Lorraine is my safe place. I feel so supported and loved by her care and true love for me. When you work with Lorraine, you enter her world of caring and inspiration. She zeroes in on your real issues and offers amazing advice that IMMEDIATELY relieves you and sets you on the right path.
Thank you, Lorraine, for being a safe place for me.”

Karyn Clay, Entrepreneur, Kamuela, Hawai’i

“My husband noticed a BIG change in me. Before joined Lorraine’s Program
my self-esteem was at level 5. I was down, depressed and did not believe in myself. Lorraine’s Journey has changed my life. I now go through my days in a happy, upbeat way, and my self-doubting thoughts have shrunk dramatically.
Now my self-esteem is at LEVEL 10! Join Lorraine's program if you want to feel better and step into your great life.Thank you forever, Lorraine!”

Kim Brown, Virtual Assistant, Marion, North Carolina

“Before I met Lorraine I was tired, stressed, frustrated, drained and isolated. I pressured myself to be perfect and responsible for everything. I felt alone even though I had people around me who cared. I’m very grateful for Loraine’s work. Her coaching helped me gain insights and emotional stability. I am free and confident now. I now love and accept myself like never before. Thank you, Lorraine, for setting me free!”

Stephanie O’Brien, Author, Copywriting Expert, Manitoba, Canada

"I refer Lorraine's Women's Self-Love Journey to almost everyone I meet and know- family, many clients, friends and people I meet on the airplane! It is the ultimate grounding and nourishing experience perfect for the woman wanting to tap into and living their desires. Trust this woman- her openness and vulnerability inspires you to be the same. I have grown immensely from The Women's Self Love Journey."

Dr. Sandra J. Bevacqua, Women's Sexual & Pelvic Health Specialist, Arizona  www.Wish4Life.com

"Lorraine is a gifted spiritual teacher and women's leader. Spending time with her in whatever form you can will be a gift to yourself. She has healed and released me, and I love her work. I cannot recommend the Women's Self-Love Journey enough. Do this for yourself!"
Sarah Wayne, Intuitive Nutritionist, Walnut Creek, California www.BeWellnessEvolution.com

The Women's Self-love Journey will be a gift to you.
You deserve it.
If not now, when?

Do you know what the #1 death bed regrets is?
- It's NOT that you wish you'd been a better mom
- It's NOT that you wish you'd been a better wife
- It's NOT that you wish you'd been a better community member
- It's NOT that you wish you'd been a better friend.

Here's the #1 Deathbed Regret:
-"I wish I'd lived my life's purpose."
-"I wish I'd followed to my own heart."
-"I wish I'd believed in myself and my dream."
-"I wish I'd lived the life I was meant for while on this earth."

It's YOUR time!
It's YOUR turn!
If not now, WHEN??!

Do it for your family and your kids- give them a mom to look up to; a mom who lives a courageous life.
Join us in this very sacred community of supportive, like-minded sisters.

Say HELLO to your happy, fulfilled life!
I look forward to you becoming the fulfilled YOU!

About Lorraine Pursell, M. A.

Global thought leader on self-love and trading depression, anxiety, shame, doubt, fear & guilt for Fulfillment & Happiness. She's an International Bestselling Author and shares virtual stages with Dr. John Gray, Dr. John Demartini, Alison Armstrong, Arielle Ford and Morgana Rae.

Through her weekly NBC TV show for 2.5 years, her videos and writing, she's loved and respected by followers around the world for her openness about her own journey since 1995.

She holds her Master's in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling, is a Board Certified Educational Therapist and Certified Coach through Divine Living Academy.  

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