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Yay! She did it for herself!!!! She did NOT back down….


I just got off the phone with the most BEAUTIFUL woman who said YES to herself!

She whipped out her credit card and paid in full for my February coaching package, half-off for February or until the 10 spots fill.

We resonated.

She knew I heard her.

She felt that I knew her story (because I DO!).

She knew that I would not judge her- and I don’t.

I’ve been where you are- I’ve been there with self-esteem so low that I didn’t even feel like I belonged on the surface of the earth!

I felt like a WORM!

Now look at me- I cracked the code on depression, fear, self-doubt, worry, despair, grief, sadness, anguish, anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks- you name it! I’ve busted through it!

And she could tell.

She knew I was real.

And I cannot WAIT to see the REAL beauty in her come out.

I cannot wait to work with her, be energized by seeing this wonderful woman emerge into the fullest expression of herself!

Our sessions will FUEL ME!

I don’t get over-extended

One of her concerns was that I might get over-extended by taking on 10 new clients.


I take exquisite care of me, and working with women like her ENERGIZE me. I FUELS me. I don’t get over-extended by my livelihood.

This is not a job or work to me- its a PASSION!

Does this make sense to you?

I love love love love love so much each and every session with each and every woman- I get ramped-up by spending time with you. That’s why I have my weekend calendar open for calls with you!

Go here and schedule your call with me now.

Just like with this beautiful woman who said YES to herself, I’ll listen fully to you and see which of my 3 offers suit you best:

1- My new coaching package includes: 

10- Private one-on-one Sessions with me 


a 90-minute Nurturing Intensive 

where we clear the blocks to your success 


February BONUS

Women’s Self-Love Journey Program

half-off for February or until the 10 slots fill.

Special offering- $2197 (regular $4200)


2- My 2-hour Private Nurturing Intensive

To clear the blocks to your success

$497 (regular $900)


3- Earth Angel School

My weekly global Sisterhood of like-minded women who are

 tired of “Victim” and “Can’t”

and are ready to be Women On The Rise!

Includes Weekly Teachings and Live Coaching from me.


Let’s explore which one is the best fit for you!

Schedule a call with me now for this weekend here.


 Listen to my new ANTHEM!

This Johnny Cash song inspired me so much that I JUST HAD to

 share it AGAIN with you!!!!! He says it ALL! All that I believe in. All that I stand for! (Thank you Onesti for sending this to me!!!)

This is my NEW ANTHEM!!!!

Step out of the Walking Dead!

Step out of the Zombie Race!

Wake up and Don’t Back Down!!

And I’ll show you exactly how to get there coaching with me.

How do we make it through our self-loathing, self-doubt and self-hate?

I’ll show you every step along the way.

Now, listen to Johnny and learn from a Master…

Catch Fire with Your Life Again!

In my personal experience and in the experience of my clients, without self-love, misery increases, depression flourishes and sadness takes over our homes and our lives.

This is not what we want. We want to THRIVE.

Self-love is the passageway to thriving.

Let’s get you ECSTATIC about your life in 2018!

I’ts YOUR time!

One of my European clients texted me that she’s watching her office transform from her energy! Read below…

My goal and mission for my clients is to assist and support those who are ready to “Kick the Doors Open On Life In 2018.”

No sitting around and passively waiting.

No meek and mild here.

Do you want a fantastic life that you can hardly believe

you created???

Then grab your call with me now.

It’s YOUR time.

Are you one of my 10 new One-On-one clients I’m bringing in this month? I only have 10 spots available to Kick EVERYTHING OPEN in your life- to live an ecstatic life! The life you were meant to live!

Are you ready to Kick the Doors Open On Your Life and inspire everyone in your path???

If you want to read what 20+ women say about working with me, click here now.

You are meant to shine!

If your answer is a “Hell, YES!” then grab your spot and jump on the phone with me ASAP before the 10 spots are taken. https://meetme.so/LorrainePursell

Lori P

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