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You Are Not Alone Anymore. Hop on in with us today…

Did you know that one of the main threads I am hearing in the Empowered Earth Angel Assessment is this:

“I never felt like I fit in.”

Do you ever feel this way?
Have you heard any of the following?
“You are too sensitive.”
“Toughen up.”
“Can’t you take a joke?”
“I have to walk on egg shells with you.”

Well, imagine being with a group of accomplished women who get who you are- they’ve all heard the same things.

So you’re no longer alone.

Welcome to Earth Angel School where we learn empowerment tools each and every week to TRIVE in this world as highly sensitive women.

In case you missed Dee’s video story (or want to watch it again and be inspired) of her road from co-dependence to living her dream as an empowered Earth Angel, you can watch that now here.

Go ahead and join us today. Meet your tribe and thrive. Finally be with a group of safe, supportive women who have your back and aren’t stabbing it!

We are in this together. Your first month is fr-ee, it’s only $47 a month and you can cancel at any time for
~ Weekly calls
~ Empowerment classes
~ Grounding meditations
~ Community and sisterhood
~ No longer feeling alone
~ Private Facebook group
~ Video recaps of each call
~ Recordings of each call for your library
~ Realizing your dream

And as Dee mentions in the video, she’s never attended live- the recordings feed her soul. So you do not need to be there live to feel connected. We meet each Thursdays at 3 pm ET. Check your local time here.

Do it for you. You are worth it. Do it for you family, your kids, and your partner. They will love you for it.

On one of my Empowered Earth Angel School Assessments this week, the beautiful woman I had the privilege to talk with said she felt so comfortable that she was surprised at what she’d revealed to me. But that everything she’d shared made her think and caused her to understand more about herself.

As I’ve been spending time with these magnificent creatures around the world wanting to regain their power, I am struck by how we are all so much alike with the same core issues no matter what our age or country.

Would you like to identify where you lose your power and learn how to get that power back? Go ahead and schedule your FREE Assessment ($250 value) with me for the first 25 women I talk with in August.

Dedicated to your empowerment,

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