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You don’t have to think that.

Dear One, it’s the subtle art of distraction.

You’ve done it with your kids. It’s that simple.

You don’t have to think that. Just turn it off. And if it won’t turn off, do something to distract your overactive, hyper-vigilant mind.

I’ve been practicing this a lot lately, and as you know, after I digest something and know its results, My first priority is to share it with you so you can be relieved of anxiety, fear, panic, doubt and all that downward spiral stuff.


This is just one of the valuable techniques I teach you in Earth Angel School.

In this supportive incubator I coach and teach in-depth techniques just to bring you closer to your personal bliss and harmony.

Each week we tackle together the signs and symptoms of depression and sadness, fear of being seen, timidity and shyness, and everything that’s in our way of living Your Great Big Life.

I share from my personal experience and tell you my story so you know you are not alone, and I give you everything Spirit is giving me for you.

This is actually where we go each and every week with the EXTREME support I provide in Earth Angel School.





We are all astounded at what we have all been able to create and move through this year as a Sisterhood-

Each and every member has elevated their life to new levels they NEVER IMAGINED POSSIBLE over the past year!

Over the past year they have gotten:

Job Promotions where there was only DEAD-END before.

Health where there was only DISEASE before.

Assertiveness where there was only SHRINKING before.

Purpose where there was only CONFUSION before.

Hope where there was only DEPRESSION before.

Joy where there was only DESPAIR AND GRIEF before.

Confidence where there was LOW SELF-ESTEEM AND FEAR before.

We witness miracles each and every week together.

This and more is yours in Earth Angel School. My work is especially powerful because I have it in my bones.

Even though I am a counselor, my real power is that I am victorious in my own life, and because of that I can impart that REAL power to you.

So, I have a choice for you- Earth Angel School or private coaching while I still have openings.

Are you ready to dump fear, doubt, anxiety, emotional pain?

Are you ready to get out of The Valley and get to the other side where the sun is shining and your Happy Fulfilled life awaits you?

Then book a chat with me so we can see which option is best for you- Private coaching with me or Earth Angel School.

Love Love,




PS- Earth Angel School is 1 YEAR OLD!

And to honor you for becoming an Anniversary member and enrolling, I’m giving you as a bonus a 2-session Nurturing Intensive (Valued at $600) for becoming a new member.

This is what 2-Session Nurturing Intensive clients said last week:

“I feel better. I got some ideas and some direction. Now i have some things to think about. It’s all good now.” CW, North Dakota

“Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I feel supported. I was able to let something go. I feel like I’m back in my body after being stuck in my head my whole life. The relaxation I feel! I feel hope and emotional relief. I got real joy.” TR, Canada

“Lorraine shared a tool to see my daughter, who I’ve been really worried about, the way I wanted her future to be, and to keep focusing ONLY on that What a relief.” PK, Canada

“I felt very validated- that I was not being petty and I am very hopeful now- hope and light, and it was very soothing and welcoming and loving to be with Lorraine. I found out who I really am.” TD, Canada

“I got confirmation. I’m encouraged. I’m proud of myself and feel good about the progress I’m making. Thank you.” DM, North Dakota

This 2-Session Nurturing Intensive bonus is extremely valuable if you’re for relief from all the things that hold you back. 

Are you ready to take your life where you only imagined?

Are you ready to end what’s holding you back?

Are you ready to expand to the next higher version of yourself?

Are you tired of feeling stuck, complacent and bored with your life?

Don’t you know that there is WAAAAAAAYYYYYY more for you to be, do and have?

Let’s do this! Go to EarthAngelSchool.net or schedule a consultation to see if private coaching is the best fit for you.

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