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Your Greatest Gift For This Holiday

I am sending you and yours so much love in this sacred Holiday season!

Here’s my Question to you:

With so much Joy, Happiness, Giving and Celebration, why is this statistically the SADDEST season of the year???

I have my theories, but for me in the past, it has been dashed expectations, hopes crushed, and basically, me dreaming of relationships that just could not be the way I wanted.

(Time to give up on that, Lorraine?)

I’ve learned that it’s really about letting things be exactly the way they are, letting go of outcomes, and being at peace within myself however things are.

Easier Said than Done

If you experience anxiety (like I used to during the Holidays and most of my ‘everydays’) being at peace inside ourselves is tough to reach!
We can pretend to be okay, but inside we are RAVAGED! Even PANICKED!

If you would like to get through your biggest root causes of anxiety, fear and panic, I have a very special Holiday offering that might be just right for you if you’re desiring to end frustration, worry, self-doubt and anguish for good.

As a practicing counselor and coach for 22 years, I can guide you to the relief and results you want and finally break through to your happiness and freedom and away from anxiety, worry and depression.

My 3-Session Starter Holiday Package

Rhyza, if you feel like I have- like you’d just like relief from fear and anxiety once and for all and be able to open up and be the real, beautiful you, then this package may be just the right thing to start you off to a great 2018.

The Holidays are the BEST time to practice what works for relief from stress, worry and anxiety because there are so many triggers with family and friends.

In our 3 sessions together, this is what we will cover and what you can expect for helping you break through the problems and fears that hold you back :

Session #1: Letting Your Light Shine

Together in a safe space with me, we’ll explore the root causes of the anxiety, fear and depression that dampens your light. I’ve been where you are and can guide you to your emotional freedom, your peace and your deep inner joy again.

In our first session we’ll uncover your innate, natural happiness and you’ll step into the better-feeling, more empowered you. You’ll start shining again.

And I’ll be with you every step along the way.

You’ll get special tools designed just for you so you know how to keep your energy high even in the highly-triggered Holiday season.

I’ll prescribe specially designed assignments to do until Session #2.

Here’s what one client said about her first session with me:

” I went from feeling so icky to feeling so much better. You built me up. You helped me move past all those rotten voices inside my head and replace them with the positive. You took the icky out and put the good stuff in. I feel empowered. I feel like an inflated balloon now when before I felt flat and awful.” R.B., North Dakota, US

Session #2: Uncovering Your Purpose

After Session 1 you’ll feel so much relief that you’ll be ready to really break through to The New You.

In Session #2 we clean up your mindset about life and beliefs about yourself, your worth and your contribution to the world. We will discover your life’s purpose and your special God-given gifts.

You’ll feel on top of the world because you clearly know what you’re supposed to do in the world! I guide you to those gifts and acknowledge you every step along the way.

You’ll discover that NOT living your life’s purpose is the REAL REASON you’ve lived with fear, worry and self-doubt. Now, with my support, you’ll have new courage to give your gifts.

You are a brilliant star- you just need someone to help you shine again!

Here’s what another client said after her second session with me:

“With Lorraine’s loving support, I shed the wrong, harmful beliefs I had about myself that I’d been taught growing up and I feel SO FREE now to live my gifts- my music. I’ve always hid and was afraid to shine. No more. I am the person I wanted to be, was aching to be, my whole life.” J.U., North Dakota, US

Session #3: Blueprint to Living Your Purpose

Now that we’ve uncovered the blocks to your happiness in session #1 and discovered your gifts and purpose in Session #2, We’re ready to map out how to go forward as The New You.

Together in Session #3 we chart your path as a shining star in your community, work and family.

Let’s review:
In Session #1 you pulled out the roots of your anxiety, fear and depression.

In Session #2 you discovered your Life’s Purpose.

Now you’re ready to design your next steps.

You’re empowered with personal insights about your life and path, and in Session #3 you learn to FULLY EXPRESS YOURSELF and YOUR GIFTS!

You’re now free to be authentic, joyful and peaceful instead of depressed, worried, sad and fearful!

Here’s what Esther said about working with me:

“Lorraine made something beautiful- she helped me realize that I’m REALLY GOOD at what I do. Her coaching helped me overcome my fear of getting started and how to manage sessions. Now I have the steps and structures of how to powerfully run my program. I’m SO EXCITED about using my intuition and gifts to heal people’s lives now.” Esther Pesie, France

This special 3-session package is offered for $497.00 US, (regular $900.00 US) through December 31, 2017

Are you ready to make 2018 YOUR YEAR? Email me now here: lorraine@lorrainepursell.com.

We will set a time to begin your new life for 2018.

Every day you wait, the road to your fulfilled life passes you by- It zooms past you each and every day.

This is your one and only life- don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll do it later.

If you haven’t yet created your happy, fulfilled life yet, you probably won’t.

Your kids are waiting for you to be your confident self so they can be confident, too.

Your partner is waiting for the girl he married to come back.

They’re waiting for you to rise up so they can, too.

You are the Spiritual Leader of your family, Earth Angel!

It’s time for you to give yourself the best Holiday gift, if not for you, do it for your family’s health and well-being!

Now is your time to feel pampered, supported and loved by me.

Are you ready to say YES to YOU once and for all?

Email me now at Lorraine@LorrainePursell.com.

It is your time… finally break free from depression, anxiety, panic.

Let’s trade that for the confidence, peace and joy that can only come from knowing and finally:

~living your purpose

~removing all the blocks to your happy life and fully

~expressing yourself

~giving your gifts once and for all.

That’s what I did. I was clinically depressed and hiding my gifts from the world and from myself- that’s why I was depressed.

I needed coaching, not counseling, to help me get through my blocks and fears.

Now my life is much different- I now have the honor of supporting women all over the world and I feel so good about my life now.

My life is such a contrast to those days when I felt so low that I could not get out of bed!

I want this for you because it feels so good here- living the life you dream about.

It is amazing to wake up every day and know that I make a difference in others’ lives.

Let’s make this your life, too.

I look forward to seeing the new you!

Your whole new life is stretching out before you.

If you’d love to have my one-on-one dedicated support to remove the anxiety and panic in your life, email me at lorraine@lorrainepursell.com.

We’ll set up your time to begin your 3-Session starter package at a special price for the Holidays.

These 3 sessions can be used any way you desire. Do you want to breakthrough in your job or career? Do you want your family to respect you more? Do you want to bring the love back to your relationship? We can use phone or video sessions, whichever you prefer.

See you soon! Love, L

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