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Your Inner Child needs attention and play dress up

Hey there, Love- You have an Inner Little Girl.

You may have heard this before but shrugged it off or got really busy instead of paying attention. The latter, getting really busy, is what I usually do.

Truth is, our Inner Child runs our life continually- always in the background- with her fears, insecurities, doubts and wanting to stay small and safe. This is Arrested Development.

Arrested Development: an abnormal state in which development has stopped prematurely. -from Wordnik, Wiktionary

Arrested Development can happen with any simple or large trauma and jolt. Our nervous system gets jarred and we then proceed with caution, sometimes for our entire life, over something that happened when we were 2!

THIS is why we need to pay attention to this Inner Little Girl- she runs us unless we pay attention and bring her along with us for the ride of our life. Imagine a little 2 year old hiding behind our mother’s legs, right? This is her.

She has plenty of reasons to hide, but if we’re going to succeed in our businesses and lives, we have to give her special attention. And just like with that toddler, it works out better to gently coax her along and bring her into comfort so that she doesn’t further melt down. Understand?

So, we need to take her in our arms when we finally notice a slag on our forward motion, and ask her what she needs from us to feel safe. This could be a big stretch for you, but unless you do this process, she will be a drag on you until the day you die. 

It’s so important that I’ve devoted my life’s work to it as a global coach and former counselor. It’s ultimately the only thing that works. As you do the processes I show you, your Inner Little Girl grows, matures and feels safe because you give her the attention she needs. It’s a life-long relationship.

Are you tired of feeling stopped by nagging insecure feelings that weigh on you and keep you from having the business and life that’s in your head as a dream? This is what needs to be addressed. 

Inner Child Healing for Female Entrepreneurs will help you to understand and heal this abandoned part of you so that you can fully integrate and bring all of you into the world.

If this is calling to you, join me at www.LorrainePursell.com/heal4biz


BONUS- For a limited time my Business Manager will give you a private call & help you strategically map out your first $10k – $15k month for those who pay in full.

If this calls to you- to finally be fully you and understand this abandoned and vital piece of who you are, then check it out. Inner Child Healing for Female Entrepreneurs at www.LorrainePursell.com/heal4biz.

Love, Lorraine


P.S. Our Work Is Imagining- Fairy Godmother Monday

Can you hold your dream in your head? Can you linger with it until it becomes a habit and a part of you? When we’ve practiced our dream until it becomes our identity, then we meet the answer that’s been waiting for us since the moment we asked.

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