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Welcome to The Feminine CEO Podcast

Where we empower you to embrace your power and purpose. Our mission is to help you find harmony between the masculine and feminine energies within you, while attuning to the wisdom of your body and spirit as you align with your business and life goals.

Join Lorraine, a seasoned entrepreneur, global counselor and life coach with over three decades of experience, as she shares practical tools and processes designed to empower women like you. Through her guidance, you'll learn to show up confidently and authentically, drawing from her wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Tune in every Monday at 8 am ET as Lorraine delves into the Quantum Field, exploring your dreams and desires to help manifest your aspirations into reality. Then, wrap up your week with us on Fridays, where Lorraine will lead you on a journey into the wisdom of your 50 trillion cells. Discover what your body needs to restore and regenerate, ensuring you stay resilient and focused on fulfilling your mission without burning out.

Join us on this transformative journey as we support you in becoming the CEO of your life.

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