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Bedtime Stories – NBC TV Segment

Bedtime Stories: LorrainePursell, MA- NBC TV Segment

Kevin:                         We’re back on North Dakota Today. Time once again for the NDT Kids Connection and as usual, Lorraine Pursell joins me. She is an international bestselling author and a family harmony expert. Welcome back.


Lorraine Pursell:        Hi, Kevin.


Kevin:                         This topic today, the importance of bedtime reading with your kids. I got to tell you and everyone home, this is one of my most favorite memories of when my kids were small every night reading to them. Well, I didn’t read to them. I just kind of sat there off in the distance, but my wife would read to our kids and it was one of my most treasured memories.


Lorraine Pursell:        Yes. It’s so important. It’s such a bonding time and I think it is one of those things, Kevin, that if we do it well and we do it consistently and we do it lovingly it’s one of the treasures that make our kids want to spend time with us when they no longer have to be, when they’re old and they’ve emancipated. They’re 18 and they’re gone.


Kevin:                         Let me take a stab at this and you tell me if I’m way off base here. Not only are you helping them encouraging them educationally in reading to them, you’re bonding with them like you mentioned, and it helps them calm down at the end of the day so they go to sleep better. Am I on track?


Lorraine Pursell:        No, you’re absolutely right. In fact, one of my biggest prescriptions is that parents read happy stories to their kids. Because if you’re reading something scary, let’s say your child’s into Goosebumps or something like that, it could trigger dreams that are along that genre.


Kevin:                         That’s a good point.


Lorraine Pursell:        So yes. If they could pick something like Berenstain Bears or Dr. Seuss, it develops things – I’m an educational therapist also – so it developed things called phonemic awareness, which is the awareness of how letters and groups of letters work together. So it will help with spelling and reading and also vocabulary and articulation later. It’s huge.


Kevin:                         It’s a win all the way around no matter how you look at it. Why are we doing this as much as we used to back in the day? I don’t know.


Lorraine Pursell:        Well, we’ve gotten a little bit lazy I think. I don’t mean to say that accusationally.


Kevin:                         Yeah. We’re not just handing them an iPad and saying “goodnight,” are we? We’re not doing that.


Lorraine Pursell:        No, no, no, no. This is Mom or Dad actually sitting there with a book and they’re reading their child to sleep or to calm them down. And so we’ve become so busy and stressed as parents that we don’t take the time to decompress. So it’s just this wonderful bonding, cherishing time that you can have with your child.


Kevin:                         So be aware of the kind of books you’re reading to them, make it a routine.


Lorraine Pursell:        Every night.


Kevin:                         Anything else that we need to know?


Lorraine Pursell:        Don’t withhold it from them. Let’s say that getting ready for bed is taking a little bit longer than you want it so you say, “You’re not gonna get reading time tonight.” Don’t withhold it. Just diminish the time a little bit. “Well, we’re gonna lose a little bit of reading time.” And I recommend 15 to 30 minutes a night with your child reading. Now one other little thing, I’m just gonna stick this in real quick. What about a family reading night where all technology goes down and everyone sits around the living room and looks at books or reads, as a family identity as readers? So that’s just a little feed.


Kevin:                         I like that.


Lorraine Pursell:        Yeah, but if your child’s having trouble getting ready for bed go ahead and ask them, “Is there anything I can do to help you so we can get in bed and read that story?” And let them pick the story too.


Kevin:                         So don’t use it as a leverage tool. You got to do it, but you may just diminish the time and let them know, “Hey, if you don’t get your teeth brushed here quickly we’re running out of reading time”?


Lorraine Pursell:        Yeah. Or “Can I help you brush your teeth really fast?” Maybe they’re just not motivated.


Kevin:                         Excellent. And again, if you want some great family memories do it because you will remember it when you are older. All right. Thank you so much, Lorraine.


Lorraine Pursell:        Thanks, Kevin.


Kevin:                         If you want more information about our guest here, Lorraine presell, check out stopyellingatyourkids.com. That’s her website and you can get the free e-book.


Lorraine Pursell:        Yes, Stop Yelling at Your Kids.


Kevin: All right. We’ll be right back with more North Dakota Today


Read to your kids, especially at bedtime for a happy child and family. Get Lorraine’s FREE e-Books now at www.StopYellingAtYourKids.com and www.3KeysToSelfLove.com for raising kids well while living your happy life.

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