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Prepare Your Teen – NBC-TV

Prepare Your Teen

How do you prepare your teen for what lies ahead? Lorraine Pursell, M.A. and International Bestselling Author shares her success secrets she’s used with clients for over 20 years as a Women’s Life-Empowerment and Confidence Coach. Get Lorraine’s FREE e-Books at and for powerful tips to live your own happy life while raising your family well. Go to for lots more free info.

A former counselor and educational therapist, Lorraine holds a Counseling Masters and an Educational Therapist Board Certification. Now as a Women’s Life Empowerment Coach, she brings you to your highest and your best without dwelling in the past. She compassionately brings you through your blocks to success into the happy, thriving life you deserve. Reach Lorraine at

She explains simple ways to draw out your child’s self-confidence so they can be strong in tough times. And she shares bold ways to express yourself in the happy life you desire. She appears weekly on NBC TV. Also, you can hear her weekly am radio show Feel Good Friday with tips of how to thrive in the happy life you were meant to live.

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