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Heal from COVID Anxiety & Stress

Lorraine Pursell

Hey there, Lorraine-

I share 3 ways to clean your bod of the residue of anxiety and fear. We’d better- those emotions run our immune system into the ground! Watch now and cleanse your body with us…

You can watch now on You tube: https://youtu.be/FiV5ZH044aY.

I’m here for you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:00 am ET over at Facebook.com/LorrainepursellMA?

Check you local time here: https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/.

Next Anxiety Hacks workshop… just in time for The Holidays!!


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the Holidays are upon us. Prepare and practice your calm NOW! Maybe you’re anxious about seeing family or mingling with friends? Having any thoughts like…

“What do I tell them I’ve been doing?”

“I DON’T want to answer their QUESTIONS!” “

Argh! Why do I have to see them- I don’t want to go…”

While we love our family and friends, sometimes just the thought of the Holidays can send anxiety through our bodies! In these times, we’re under so much pressure and our normal anxiety is at a whole new level. Add to that the HOLIDAYS!

In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll explore concrete ways to stop anxiety in its tracks before we become just plain miserable. You will:

– Learn to stop before you dive into anxiety

– Have simple tools to hack anxiety if it takes hold

– Know anxiety’s source within you so you can stop it

– Gather your PERSONAL tool kit for your particular brand of anxiety

– Create simple scripts for answering uncomfortable questions

– Access your own strength and power to be calm & confident with others

Register at www.lorrainepursell.com/anxietyhacks if you want this free chat with me :).

BONUS for the first few who register…

The FIRST few REGISTRANTS get a mini one-on-one coaching session with me. What do you want to be heard about. Anxious relationships? Your Kids? What would you do with 10-minute session with me??

Don’t worry if you can’t make it live- you will OWN the 3-hour workshop to review and revisit and re-watch over and over again, and let this priceless relief soak deep into your psyche. Grab this private consult with me now: www.LorrainePursell.com/anxietyhacks.



about Lorraine…


Lorraine Pursell is a global thought leader on self-love, being a visionary and trading sadness, depression, doubt, guilt and shame for Fulfillment, Peace and Happiness.

As an International Bestselling Author, she virtually stages with Dr. John Gray, Dr. John Demartini, Alison Armstrong, Arielle Ford, Morgana Rae and many other global thought leaders.

In 2012 she began her journey out of life-long depression and an 18-year addiction to Zoloft, and now passionately shows others what she continues to learn, and teaches courageous, authentic expression.

Her honesty and self-disclosure on 125 NBC TV shows, videos and writing has earned her the love and respect of followers around the world since 1995.


Free eBook: www.3KeysToSelfLove.com

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