What If This Was Heaven?

Lorraine Pursell

What if this was Heaven, Lorraine?

This just came to me today- what if this really is Heaven here, and it all came to us simply by how we look at things. What if it is so obvious that it is easy to miss- like hiding in plain sight? Everyone I’m studying now is pointing to this, and today it just dropped in. The game is this: what do we focus on? And what if every emotional and physical affliction were actually our opportunity to glimpse what’s in our way of seeing that truth.

I know that this sounds ‘out there,’ even to me, which take a lot. But we’ve been taught by well-meaning others (even if they tried to suppress us) since we were knee high that Heaven was a place far away that we only get to see once we pass over.

But I got it this morning- all of the trials and tribulations have just pointed to where we ‘ve bought that we’re unworthy, unlovable and defective, all for the purpose of discovering in our own way that the exact opposite is true!

I’m very excited about this!

My sister and I talked about it today and it started making some kind of sense- like waking up from a dream. What if we came here to find our way out of this mystery and discover how much love there really is all around us, how loved we are and how abundant the Universe really is,? Then what a fantastic game!

What if all the things that happened “to” us were really clues to the exact opposite reality? What if we were really in a Divine Treasure Hunt and the point was to see how fast we would see the truth about who we are and realize that this REALLY IS Heaven, but that most of the world is caught up and lost, side-swiped and fooled into thinking that the obstacles are reality, when really it is not.

It makes sense to me. I can look at every hardship now and say the evolution I’ve gained from it and learned how strong it has made me where before, I felt like a victim. In fact, Mike Dooley says in Infinite Possibilities that we actually picked our cast of characters before we arrived here and each volunteered to do each uncomfortable deed to lead us to that evolution and learning.

Food for thought in this time where everyone around us is losing their sh*t about almost everything. But what are they paying attention to? The news? Their neighbor’s or co-worker’s complaining? Their own personal Hell? We know from quantum mechanics that what we focus on expands.

I’ll tell you where I’M focusing…

While my fellow brothers and sisters look at what’s right in front of them and draw conclusions about about what it means aka that things are awful, I’m disciplining myself to focus on the beauty, the peace, the blessings, the abundance. I am focused on the leaves that send me love and the trees that have lovely messages for me.

There are miracles in every flower- the geometry of every insect and perfection of each animal is verification- I look in wonder at all that is around me. I am growing in awe.

And crop circles absolutely blow my mind! Infinite intelligence communicating to staffs of grain to lay down in exact geometric patterns; they that have gotten more advanced through the years. I’ve studied them since my chance lecture with Michael Glickman, Founder of Centre for Crop Circle Studies. He passed this year and I feel very fortunate that I attended his Standing Room Only talk, knowing absolutely nothing about the subject, in an old Santa Cruz auditorium. I was a convert as he showed slides of stalks bending, not breaking, as they ‘obeyed’ the consciousness of unified emergence for a beautiful end.

Very much “Food for Thought.” What if all there really only is love, health and abundance as the ancient texts, and now modern sages declare, and what if we get to experience this Heaven only if we practice and focus on THAT. I see it. I wonder if you do, too?

So much love,



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