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Hold Your Vision for Your Kids + How I Soothed Anxiety this Morning

Lorraine Pursell

Hey there-

When we hold in our hearts and in our minds the ideal vision that we have for our children, or anyone else, it truly helps the energetics flowing toward them. It also helps to smooth out the vibrations in our world. Here I show you the how and the why.

You can watch now on You tube here.

Be inspired,


PS- How I soothed my anxiety this morning…

Sometimes I just wake up in fear- I don’t know why- just do. I really dislike it because I love feeling good, but it’s a part of the human experience. So this is what I did to help me move it along…

I noticed that my mind was bitching, groaning and moaning about every little thing as soon as I woke up. But once I realized I’m blessed to have another day to help others and enjoy my life- and that this is just an emotion- it started to lift.

I went ahead with my morning doing all the things that I know I must to feel good about me and keep my promises to myself. This was vital; even though I didn’t feel like it, I made my celery juice, went to the market for cucumbers for juicing at noon, and dealt with some lovely tech issues for the livestream happening in an hour from then.

Here were the important practices I used to start to pull out of the fear funk I woke up with:

1- Noticed my complaining mind, and just in recognizing it, seemed to lift a touch. In other words, the fear felt witnessed and so it didn’t have to scream to get my attention.

2- I did the things I’d normally do in my morning. I started by getting the 2 bunches of celery out of the fridge, started the soapy water, trimmed the celery and began washing it, then juiced it.

3- I went to the market to get the cucumbers I needed for juicing later.

4- I drank my celery juice while I made my cucumber juice for later.

5- I started setting up the tech for the livestream.

All along the way I was holding hope that things would get better and then they did! I had a great interaction with my lovely team member on the other side of the world who helped me with some tech snags. He made me smile and brought tears to my eyes.

And I always know that once I go live with you, my spirits will go very high because it’s something I love doing. I will do these 3/week livestreams when I’m a millionaire- it’s my service to the world.

I hope that this blow-by-blow glimpse into my real world today is helpful for you to feel that you’re not alone and that we all deal with the same things sometimes.

Physicality was essential. I got up and I got moving. BIG! Physiology is where everything happens.

And I have seen from experience that right on the heels of a big fear attack is something that I’ve been waiting for and wanting. So have courage. Keep doing well and walk in faith knowing that you deserve to be here and thrive in your day-to-day life!

These are just a few of the tools that I’ll share in our new upcoming Anxiety Hacks Workshop.

You are invited…

In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll explore concrete ways to stop anxiety in its tracks before we become just plain miserable. You will:

– Learn to stop before you dive into anxiety

– Have simple tools to hack anxiety if and after it takes hold

– Know anxiety’s source within you so you can stop it before it starts

– Create your PERSONAL tool kit for your particular brand of anxiety

– Have simple scripts for answering uncomfortable questions

– Access your own strength and power to be calm & confident with others

Does this call to you?

Register HERE for this deep-dive workshop now if you want to be cool and serene this holiday season and easily handle anxious thoughts so that you can have peace and calm under pressure.



All the bonus coaching calls are expired. But Early Bird ends soon! If you want private access to this powerful go-to workshop to watch again and again and renew your power, then get it before it more than doubles soon- you are invited.

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See you there- take care of yourself this holiday season. Get the support you need to have ease and peace. Stop the struggle.

about Lorraine…


Lorraine Pursell is a global thought leader on self-love, being a visionary and trading sadness, depression, doubt, guilt and shame for Fulfillment, Peace and Happiness.

As an International Bestselling Author, she shares virtual stages with Dr. John Gray, Dr. John Demartini, Alison Armstrong, Arielle Ford, Morgana Rae and many other global thought leaders.

In 2012 she began her journey out of life-long depression and an 18-year addiction to Zoloft, and now passionately shows others what she continues to learn, and teaches courageous, authentic expression.

Her honesty and self-disclosure on 2.5 years on NBC TV, videos and writing has earned her the love and respect of followers around the world since 1995.


Free eBook: www.3KeysToSelfLove.com

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