Earth Angel Tip #3- Don't Want To Do It? Then Say No - Lorraine Pursell

Earth Angel Tip #3- Don’t Want To Do It? Then Say No

Earth Angel School

As Earth Angels we do so much for others that we tend to forget ourselves. I remember those days. I’m doing these tips because I remember my deep pain of losing myself. These tips are to offer what I wish had been given to me when I was in your place. Get Lorraine’s TV, radio shows, and other fre*e resources at Get Lorraine’s FR*EE eBooks on finding you again after losing yourself to family and life, and living your authentic, peaceful, joy-filled life at, and on taking care of you while raising kids well and being a thriving mom with your own Great Big Life at Book Lorraine to speak her inspiring, life-shifting messages at your next event or fundraiser. Email

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