(EarthAngelTip 30) Spend Time ALONE to hear your soul- Here's how... - Lorraine Pursell

(EarthAngelTip 30) Spend Time ALONE to hear your soul- Here’s how…

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Hi Lovely!

When was the last time you spent time COMPLETELY ALONE????

No girlfriends, no kids, no errands, no husbands or partners- just you.

Give yourself this gift often.

I call Earth Angel Tip #30 “Spend Alone-Time to Hear Your Soul!” Watch it here now.

Only when we make it a priority to spend time alone can we hear our soul deeply. And you NEED this to keep yourself going, EA! 

No GFs. No husband. No kids. Just YOU and your beautiful soul. Get to know yourself again as the little girl you once were.

Bulletin: you still are that little girl, you just added to your timeline.

Here’s your friendly reminder: Being a mother and a wife is one of our roles, our job on the planet, but it is not who we are. We aren’t even a daughter! We are our own Sovereign Being, a child of God, The Universe.

 Watch it here now.

You’ll be surprised how taking this bold step will release so much positive energy in you.

Energy feeds our spark, and spreading our spark is very important…

That’s why you’re here, Earth Angel!

Hope you enjoy, and check out Earth Angel School at www.EarthAngelSchool.net if you’re ready to step into your full power WEEKLY with my incredible sisterhood from around the world.

Last week we sisters shared their wisdom, and members all around the globe were fed by the replay. Those of us who were live on the call were nourished by the sparks shared that Spirit was speaking to us and shared.

What’s guaranteed is that your Soul gets FED, your Spirit is NURTURED, and your Being is REVIVED!


What a member in the UK said about the replay…

“I just listened to the replay and just really loved it. I feel as if I am really connecting and bonding with you all as I listen and join in on the calls and really got so many things from what you all said.”

If you’re you a Woman On The Rise, tired of being down and wanting total support and sisterhood- no judgement as you live Your Great Big Life, then join us.

You can be a part of this Global Sisterhood of women who totally GET you- you’ll never need to explain yourself to us. You’ll be at home and comfortable in your own skin.

No need to explain yourself- everyone has your back & celebrates you in this safe community.

You’ll feel:

~ Supported by my weekly live coaching so you believe in your dreams again

~Empowered by my Signature Teachings so you’ll live your Life’s Purpose confidently

~Equipped with my tried-and-true TOOLS so you’ll never again be stuck in anxiety, fear, worry or even depression

~Uplifted so you’ll shine your smile and get past challenges

~Belonging to this tribe so you’ll create with these women who have your back

~Loved so you can expand into your fulfilled life

~Understood so you feel at home in your own skin

~Relaxed with my weekly healing meditations so all your tension releases and peace appears in your life

~Confident in yourself each week as you do my Signature Processes

You Get:

Weekly Live Calls with my live coaching so you get answers FAST

Grounding Meditations so you feel centered and balanced

My Signature Teachings & Processes so you’re strong, boost your confidence, heal your past, and have true peace and health in your life FINALLY

($600.00 value)

Recordings if you can’t attend live to hear over and over again and

be deeply empowered

Weekly Call Downloads for your own Personal Library

Private Facebook Group for Members Only so feel at home in your own skin and have 24/7 support from the sisterhood
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Video Recaps of highlights for each call. ($50 value)

Special discounts on Select Coaching Packages and Programs

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only $97 US a month

First month free. Cancel at any time.

Enroll at EarthAngelSchool.net

What members say…

“I no longer feel alone or like a freak for feeling what I feel and being who I am. Earth Angel School has made all the difference for me with the weekly call replays- I feel like I’m there even though I’ve never attended live! -Dee James, radio personality, North Dakota

“Lorraine and the ladies lift me each week! I’m a changed woman- YEAH! I’ve never experienced this before. Thank you Lorraine for creating Earth Angel School- it is such an blessing. Woo hoo!” Janene Bartz, cashier manager, CA

“I get so much from each call I hear on replay- I’ve never been there live! Each call is SOOO powerful! I transform and get nuggets each week.” – Donna Green, Scotland


Put yourself back on your own list. Be supported as a caring, loving woman and learn how to put yourself first again. Isn’t it time? Join us now if you’re ready to make 2018 the best year of your life.

Much love, Lori P





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