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My life- Suck to Spectacular on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

On this special day of romance and hopes and gifts, where do you stand with yourself?

My life used to be in a SUCK place.

I wanted to leave the planet most days. I had it all turned around.

And even after years of helping other people turn their lives around, I still was suck a lot of the time.

But most recently, I discovered a book (audio really) called The Power by Rhonda Byrne (the Aussie who made the movie The Secret).

Turned my life around- I started feeling love for everything and finding moments and things to feel good about.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because my formula is below for you.


Because I want you to feel as good as I’ve DECIDED to right now.

Here’s my magic formula:

It is a choice!

I resisted this FOR EVER!!!

I kept fighting because I wanted to SEE it first, then feel the good feelings from what I experienced.

Come to find out, that’s NOT the way to turn one’s life from SUCK to SUPER.

Here’s the formula I’ve discovered and help my clients with:

1- Decide what you want your life to be like and how you want to feel.

2- Start feeling that way NOW.

3- Tell your mind Thank You for trying to keep you small when it argues that this is stupid.

4- Keep feeling the good feelings as if you’re really experiencing them now, because you are and IT IS REAL!

This is what I help my clients with now

This is 4th Dimensional stuff. No longer the 3rd Dimension where we only believe what’s right in front of us and we’re staring at.

This CURED my depression- those days I couldn’t get out of bed- those days I wanted to leave the planet or hurt myself.

This formula cured me. Debilitating depression turned to un-containable joy. And when I sometimes feel a little ‘south.’ I am gentle with myself and know that this will pass.

I have a different relationship with life and life has opened up to me.

Now I’m better able to help women around the world experience the same un-containable joy in their lives that I do in mine. It is my extreme pleasure and joy.  It’s what wakes me up every morning!

I walk beautiful women out of their darkness and into light and joy and happiness in their fulfilled lives.

Do you believe you are meant to shine?

Or do you think you’re special and that you’re not?

Everyone, no matter how insignificant you feel, is.

If you’re finished with the pit of sadness, hell, depression, anxiety, panic and despair, fear, then take your first step and call me. 

You don’t have to feel this way any more. We’ll do this together. I’ve got you.

Here’s what Onesti says about working together…

“I was tired of my life and the people in it. I felt misunderstood, lonely, and depressed. I wasn’t living my life and surely wasn’t happy with any of my relationships. Lorraine was strategically placed in my life without a doubt. At that point I wasn’t even sure I had dreams or desires left. I felt I was a wife and a mom and that was it. She helped me see that my life was my life! I learned my old beliefs were ridiculous and that I needed to nurture myself first so everyone benefits. She stood by me and helped me see how I had made my life mediocre. How I was holding myself back and how to face my fears and recognize them for what they really are. So many good things are happening for me. Love you Lorraine!” -Onesti

Let’s get you on your way to your very own fulfilled, peaceful, happy life.

I see your gifts. I see you. You feel supported, loved, seen, acknowledged. We walk together into Your Great Big Life. I’m with you every step along the way.

It’s YOUR time.

Lori P





Are you one of my 10 new private clients I’m accepting? I only have 10 openings for finding your ecstatic purpose because, well, it’s my time. But you could be one of them getting to come back home to herself and being comfortable in her own skin.

Do you want to feel really good about yourself and inspire everyone in your path???

Here are my current offerings for February because you deserve to have 2018 be the best year of your life:

Special Coaching Package

(most popular)

10 private one-on-one sessions with me +

90 minute Nurturing Intensive to remove blocks to your success.

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The 2-hour Nurturing Breakthrough Intensive

Designed to help you breakthrough depression, grief, panic and anxiety- everything blocking you from your innate happiness, peace and joy.

$497 (regularly $900)

(After your Breakthrough, follow-up sessions are available at special pricing for February only.)

Earth Angel School

Global community of Like-minded, Spiritually-based Women On The Rise. Weekly training calls and Live coaching from Lorraine.

Recordings, 24/7 Facebook support, No Mean Girls.

2 week free trial.

only $97/month

Which of these 3 is best for you? Are you tired of not feeling good? Do you deserve to feel better? What holds you back? 

Let’s remove it. https://meetme.so/LorrainePursell.

Read what a small sampling of women around the world who’ve journeyed with me say.

Do you believe you are meant to shine? Or do you think you’re special and that you’re not? Everyone, no matter how insignificant you feel is. If you’re through being in the pit of sadness, hell, depression, anxiety, panic and despair, then take this first step and call. We’ll do this together. I’ve got you.

The 10 private spots AT THIS SPECIAL February PRICE will fill. Is one of them yours?  https://meetme.so/LorrainePursell

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