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She’s the first person to fight for me…

Hey ~Contact.FirstName~!

holy MAN! I am so INSPIRED over here!

I can hardly contain it or choose what I want to say to you, so you may get a few essays this morning!!!

Currently I wrote out the lyrics to Johnny Cash’s version of I Won’t Back Down. This is my new Anthem: Here it goes:

Well I won’t back down, No I won’t back down

You can stand me up at the Gates of Hell but I won’t back down

Gonna stand my ground

Won’t be turned around

And I’ll keep this world from draggin’ me down

Gonna Stand My Ground

And I won’t back down

hey baby- there ain’t no easy way out- 

Hey I will stand my ground and I won’t back down

Well I know what’s right, I GOT JUST ONE LIFE

In a world that keeps on pushing me around

But I stand my ground

And I won’t back down.


It is not your fault!

If you’ve had a rough go of it, I understand because I did, too and am now completely on the other side of it with bliss and joy every day!

No medication.

My special methods and processes I share with my clients- the secret passageways through the darkness and back into the light.

This is exactly how I feel about MY LIFE- and it’s exactly how I feel about YOUR LIFE!

This is how I stand for YOU!

This is EXACTLY how I feel about my clients!

Here’s what Sherrilyn has to say about that…

“I felt as though I was trapped inside a box and I didn’t know how to get out. I… was so depressed and so unfulfilled. I felt like I was dying inside, really. After being privately mentored by Lorraine, I can see possibilities… I have more strength to fight for what I need and permission to say No……. The best gift that Lorraine gave me… is that she fought for me;…she’s the first person I felt who fought to make me realize… that I am worthy to receive all good things and that I don’t have to accept less.” 

To read Sherrilyn’s complete testimonial and 20+ others, go to https://lorrainepursell.com/praise/ 


Catch Fire with Your Life Again!

Can you imagine how I am here for you? I 100% believe in you and see your greatness.

I won’t back down. gonna stand my ground for your amazingness.

We all need support and help.

I needed support when I couldn’t get out of bed from depression.

Is this your time? 

Are you ready to be DONE with the misery that you don’t need anymore?

Are you ready to be a woman on the rise?

Are you ready to claim the happiness, peace and joy that is your birthright?

I am here for you when you’re ready.

But why not start this month while my coaching package is near 50% off?

Why wait- as Johnny Cash says, “I got just one life.”?

You have one life.

You are here for more than being a good wife, mother and grandmother. These are important roles we play, but it’s NOT why you’re here. Get it?

Time to wake up!

I’m here for you pretty much 24/7- a privilege my clients have with me is texting. My clients know that they can reach me and I’ll reach back out to them- sharing words of support or encouragement to get them back on their feet.


And I really do love you. This may be hard to understand, but I do!

If you’ve ever had traditional counseling, you may know the feeling of not really being loved by the person on the other side of the room who’s wanting to help you, but is bound by industry ethics so s/he cannot.

This is why I broke away from being a counselor, and while I deeply appreciate my training and the industry, I just could not do what they wanted me to.

I had to be me and express my love and appreciation for the beautiful people sitting across from me, and now, the beautiful clients around the world who are on the phone or Skype with me.

AND- I have to share about my personal journey with you because I don’t want you to EVER FEEL LIKE A FREAK about where you are right now in your life.

So when we work together you can ask me any question about my life and I will answer truthfully because I am committed to serving you in the best way possible.

grab your call with me now and let’s get you started, ~Contact.FirstName~.

It’s YOUR time, ~Contact.FirstName~.

Lori P






Are you one of my 10 new One-On-one clients I’m bringing in this month? I only have 10 spots available to Kick EVERYTHING OPEN in your life- to live your ecstatic life! The life you were meant to live!

Are you ready to Kick the Doors Open On Your Life and inspire everyone in your path???

Here are the 3 options I currently have on offer for you:

Special Coaching Package

(the most popular option)

 10 private one-on-one sessions with me plus

 90 minute Nurturing Intensive to remove blocks to your success.

$2197 ( regularly $4200) 

only 10 spots available and they are filling, so call me now.

The 2-hour Nurturing Intensive

Designed to help you breakthrough depression, grief, panic and anxiety- everything blocking you from your innate happiness, peace and joy.

$497 (regularly $900)

 Follow up session available at special February prices!

Earth Angel School

My global community of Like-minded, Spiritually-based Women On The Rise meeting weekly with teachings and live coaching from Lorraine.

Call recordings, 24/7 Facebook support, No Mean Girls Allowed.

2 week free trial.

only $97/month

Hop on the phone with me to see which of these 3 offers are best for you. Do it now. https://meetme.so/LorrainePursell.

I’ve been doing this for over 20 years. Here’s a small sampling of what women around the world say about journeying with me.

read what 20+ women say about their transformation with me, click here now.

You are meant to shine!

If your answer is a “Hell, YES!” grab your spot and jump on the phone with me ASAP before the 10 spots AT THIS SPECIAL PRICE are taken, because they will be. https://meetme.so/LorrainePursell

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