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Freeway Fellowship- Only with Jeep Wranglers

I’m part of a tiny community revolving around the car I drive.


As far as I’m aware, Jeep Wranglers are the only cars on the road where their drivers flash the Peace Sign at each other. Not other Jeeps- just Wranglers. It’s pretty amazing. What other car owners do this?

I’ve seen Wrangler spare tire covers saying, “The Wave- either you get it or you don’t.”

This is “The Wave.” The Peace Sign. It’s a totally cool thing. An elite club of fellowship. A secret knowing only for Wrangler owners. An act of graciousness. IDK what it is about Wranglers, but I DO know that MINE is hard core… It took my former partner, Ken’s, and my asses across dangerous lava fields on The Big Island of Hawai’i every time we went to favorite private beaches.


The above victorious pic was taken after navigating Ken across a narrow cliff rimming a lava sink hole that dropped into a pit; and the “road” was marked by randomly stacked white coral rocks- took balls bc half the time you’re lost. Not for the faint of heart :).

Another time while powering over a lava hill, the sharp glass-like lava stripped our right rear tire down to the steel belt. Shaved it right off.


And often, “the little engine that could” muscled its way up our muddy mountain road- unless it couldn’t. At those times, I’d park off the rushing downhill stream that doubled as our 1/4 mile-long driveway, and hiked in the rain up to our coffee shack with its 6-mile coastal view.

It was a big adventure. All in The Wrangler.

When I finally decided that my 6-year Hawai’i stint was over, I lovingly shipped it to The Mainland. I couldn’t bear parting with it. Only $1,000 and 2 weeks later, it arrived in Oakland, CA, and I drove it half-way across the US to North Dakota to live with my son.

Then 6 years later, it took me the rest of the way across the US to South Carolina. Now my hardcore little Jeep has 149,000 miles, and I feel so proud to have such a cool car with wild memories.

It’s not fancy- everything manual except for the transmission- crank up windows, nothing automatic. The rack is rusting out, but it still looks great.

But here’s some food for thought- maybe we could flash the Peace Sign to any other random driver. Why not? Especially since we’re all survivors of 2020’s wild adventure together- EVERYONE should be celebrated with a “wave” for making it through- maybe even the Peace Sign.

Sending love. Email me or hit replay to share what you’re hearing in this- I’d love to know.


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About Your Guide, Lorraine

Global Thought Leader trading guilt, shame, doubt and fear for Fulfillment, Peace, Joy and Freedom since 1995.

Master’s: Marriage, Family and Child Counseling

Board Certification: Educational Therapist, AET

Coaching Certification: Divine Living Academy

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