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Random Kindness- Sweat Pearled On His Face

Completely out of character, I took myself out for an omelet and fried potato breakfast at 3 pm Sunday.


The waitresses at Black Magic Café on James Island said, “Hi Y’all!” as I and other guests entered.

Party of one, I took the offer of immediate seating at the counter. I just really wanted eggs and fried potatoes.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you might know that I’ve been on a pretty clean diet for quite some time now. Eggs and fried potatoes are DEFINITELY not my normal fare anymore.

But I’ve been breaking out of my predictable patterns and doing unpredictable stuff just ‘cuz.

So, after emailing my beloved community, I went.

3-egg omelet, Fried potatoes. Hot sauce. Strong Decaf Americano with cream. Heaven.

I noticed the man who washed the dishes frequent the counter. As he unloaded his clean wares, his darting eye contact showed me that he was probably uncomfortable being out in the dining room. My attention was fast upon him, his face shiny with sweaty toil.

My heart opened. It was open for all the wait-people anyway- their kindness, their friendly nature, but this fellow really caused a feeling of special compassion.

My other new practice is this: pretending I’m a multi-millionaire impacting millions for the Greater Good, what would I do right now and how would I behave?


I would over-tip. I would go out of my way to bless wait-people. Being a waitress many times in my life, I completely relate.

So, when I finished eating, I stacked my plates and utensils as all former waitresses I’ve known do, left my waitress a $5 tip, and asked if the dishwasher could come out so I could give him a tip. She pointed, and he was right behind me!

I walked up to him, sweat pearled on his face, and I said, “This is for you for keeping this place running like we all know you do.” I tucked the folded $5 into his apron strap- his hands were full of cups to drop off, and he humbly smiled.

Not that a $5 tip for the breakfast or that the $5 bill I tucked in his apron strap was a large amount, but it was playing my incredible charade. It’s my new favorite past-time. Bob Proctor says that we should take time every day to image our blissful future.

What is your blissful future and can you play this game with me? It takes courage. Why? Because we’re out of practice- something that was once automatic when we were little, for most of us is now rusted shut. We’re afraid of disappointment again. We’ve shut off our fun imagination in our dreams.

Dare you imagine yourself in your ideal future? Wanna play?

Sending love. Email me or hit reply to share what you’re hearing in this- what’s your ideal imagined future? I’d love to know.


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About Your Guide, Lorraine

Global Thought Leader on trading guilt, shame, doubt and fear for Fulfillment, Peace, Joy and Freedom since 1995.

Master’s: Marriage, Family and Child Counseling

Board Certification: Educational Therapist, AET

Coaching Certification: Divine Living Academy

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