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The Real Reason You Were Born

It is just CRAZY how easily we get off-track from giving our gifts and living our purpose! I’m not taking about all the stuff you do on a day-to-day basis that keeps you busy. Yes, that is important and needs to be done. I’m talking about the REAL reason you were born, to put it frankly. You were born […]

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I Call This Hope Against Hope

I call this Hope Against Hope. I’ve always had it in my most devastating days- that sense that I’m not giving up or throwing in the towel. That sense that something’s gotta work out here. Because it always does. So if you’ve wanted this warm, cozy one-on-one time with me, I would jump on this, darling. đŸ™‚Sending you the […]

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How are you?

How are you? How often do we (and did I) put ourselves at the mercy of these no-win situations? It is not your fault. It is in our DNA as women. We are coming out of eons of being hurt for being in our power. So when you pull back from being your strong and powerful self, it is […]

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People’s Hearts Healed From The Energy On The Call

It was so powerful. People’s hearts healed from the energy on the call. Barbed wire dropped off. Cement walls came down. Hurts felt better. Hearts are actually getting ready for love again. You will heal by watching it. Trust me. I celebrate your you-ness. I celebrate your heart, soul and GUTS to stand strong and keep going forward. You’re my girl and I’m […]

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Oprah Is One Of My Idols

Oprah Is One Of My Idols. I wanted to share with you what she said: “Nothing is more important than being in your life purpose.”  I completely agree. I have been lucky enough to live my purpose for almost 23 years, but it hasn’t always been this way. Below I’m going to begin sharing my journey to one of […]

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How Would You Like To Feel Alive Again?

How would you like to trade your fears, worries, burdens and everything else holding you back for a new, improved YOU full of LIFE, LOVE, JOY, and excitement to be ALIVE again, just like when you were a kid? How would you like to shake off the cobwebs of being a GROWN UP and feel exhilarated […]

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