Darkest Before The Dawn

Dear One-

How do you explain when things are going your way, you are feeling good about you and your life, and all of a sudden you feel fearful, scared, unworthy, and like you could lose?

It is Darkest Before The Dawn.

This means that whenever we are getting really close to our dream, everything that is not in alignment with this amazing gift comes up to be seen and to clear away.

It has to be cleared or at least cleaned so we CAN go to the next level.

Secretly I wish we didn’t have to feel any of this, but that’s not how the Game of Life goes.



You may know that an amazing gift is on its way to me- a beautiful condo that I’ve dreamed about for 2 months. And everything is lining up.

And now I have 2 more big leaps to take for the process of receiving it completely.

So it’s no wonder that when this miracle is so close to moving through to me that I feel some fear, some ‘Oh I can’t,’ some ‘It’s too good for me’ stuff coming up for me to examine.

And I thought it would help if I shared about it with you.

I see it. And this is the first best step.

I hauled my ass out of the house and drove over to the condo to feel the presence of it again as if it is mine- it was an active step to address these dark nuggets.

I walked toward my condo and got butterflies in my stomach as I said, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes” with each step forward.

I stood on the stairs overlooking my beautiful oak tree and watched 2 squirrels curiously examining me and felt the message from the tree that it is ok.

And then as a walked back to my car I got the message that it’s ok to feel this ‘off stuff’ because it’s just surfacing to be seen and to clear so I can go to the next level, leaving at least THIS degree of it, behind.

Thanks for listening- It helps knowing that you are here for me like I am for you.

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When we take this time for ourselves, we bypass disease, fatigue, stress, fear and anxiety. It is the ultimate upward spiral.

All my best to you,





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Blessings, L


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