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Earth Angel Tip #13: How to Know & KEEP Your Boundaries

What an incredible week already! I hope yours is shaping up for you! Remember: “Everything Always Works Out For Me!” You know it’s true.

Every time your female mind, which is wired for worry, goes into it- stop and say this over and over and over again! This alone will transform your life!

Ok, Love. Here’s your Earth Angel Tip #13 (even though I say #12 in the vid).

I share how you FIND your Boundaries and how you KEEP them, right here for you now!

Special TEEN Global Summit

I’m SO FORTUNATE to be one an expert in this AMAZING SUMMIT coming up real soon! Don’t miss out- if you have a teen or anyone in your life who’ll ever be a teen…

Check This Out…
My friend and colleague, Andrea Zacharius is putting together another one of her worthwhile Global Summits. And I wouldn’t share except I think there’s so much value here for you.

So, if you have a teen, you’ll want to check out the FREE Virtual Raising Successful Teens Global Summit.

More than 15 TOP experts are coming together to give YOU the tools you need to help your child be happy, confident, well adjusted, safe, and empowered!

This is a must if you want to learn how to protect your child in the digital age, inspire them to make better choices and parent your child in the most effective (scream-free) way while fostering a close and beautiful relationship! Sign up for free access here.

Your Empowered Earth Angel Assessment

Allyson England from Blackpool, UK on her Assessment last Friday:

“It made me think about things I wouldn’t normally come to. I realized I need to finish writing my book. That I need to put myself on my list. Looking forward to being me again.

It was talking with a friend with Lorraine. I feel very at ease and she made me think about things I needed to think about.”

I CAN CUT IT WITH A KNIFE!!! There was so much awakening happening from the Assessments in August already!

Can I just say how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE talking with you, hearing your story and helping you find empowerment?!

Find your power leaks and get your power back now >>> register here now.

This $250 Assessment with me is FREE to the first 25 women I speak with in August.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are outside the US and Canada you need a Skype account to do this call. Here are your 3 EASY STEPS…
1- Get your FREE Skype account at Skype.com if you don’t already have one.
2- Send me a contact request at my Skype ID: lorrainepursell
3- Get ready to be on the call at the time you select here.

You will feel heard, validated, understood, cared for and loved by me in this call.

Christina in California on her Empowered Earth Angel Assessment:
“I felt everything you said I would. I’ve worked with a lot of coaches, I’ve never felt so heard and understood. Thank you.”

And Andrea in the UK said this after her Assessment:

“I’m smiling. I feel better now. I feel more positive, not as negative.

And THIS is what I say:
“I love my job!” Grab your spot ASAP.

So, if this is speaking to you Love, book your Assessment with me now here.

Can’t wait to spend time witcha!

Are you taking advantage of everything I have for you?

Are you in my FREE classes for August at the Your Great Big Life Facebook group?

This Wednesday will be class 2 of 3 on…

Gaining Clarity

Get clear on what you’re here to do, on what your Sacred Purpose is, and on your Direction.

These Live Streams are a blast!

But you must be a member of the YGBL Facebook Group to attend or watch the replays (over 30 classes you can watch now FREE to improve your life and uplift your SOUL). Request to join here now so we can approve you before class begins.

Our 3 Free classes are held the first 3 Wednesdays of each month at Noon New York, 9 am Pacific, 5 pm London and 7 pm Dubai. Check your local time here. And you don’t want to miss them! This group is for Women ONLY (sorry guys) who are moving beyond victim and excuses. Ready to live Your Great Big Life?

Whether Your Great Big Life is being a fully engaged mom or the leader of a big non-profit, it’s time to get your game on and play BIG with your life’s purpose.


See you there, Love!

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