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I was at an all-time low, addicted to Zoloft + Best coaching deal EVER!

I did an exercise with one of my mentors the other day to get to the bottom of my message. Here’s how it went:

I have a gun to my head and I literally have 3 minutes to live.

I AM going to die in 4 minutes- what message do I want to leave for the world?

And it became clear:

“All that matters is feeling good and being happy.”

That’s it.

That’s my message.

Plain and simple.

And you may also understand that this is our biggest challenge, too. On the surface it’s like, “Sure- I got this!” But underneath are all the reasons we don’t let ourselves just BE happy and feel good.

What stops us from feeling good?

Guilt, Shame, Blame, Fear, Doubt, Anxiety, Panic, Comparing, Blah Blah- what I call the Dirty Dozen.

My work with women is to unpack the yuck that holds them back- uncover it and remove those blocks to their happiness and feeling good. 

For me it was lack of worthiness and deserving every good thing. And guilt. And shame. And fear.

This is one of the coaches, Ken Foster, who helped me to uncover the crap and be happy and feel good- and I’m still excavating from under the weight of all the stuff I bought about my unworthiness.

Here I am in Kona, Hawai’i. I was in an all-time low, addicted to Zoloft, and he and his wife helped me find my way out.

It has been a journey.

Who are you underneath the crud holding you back from feeling good?

Do you want to see?

Do you want to find out who you really are underneath all the crud?

If so- you may want to listen up… 

I have this incredible offer right now — did you see it yesterday?

I just got this crazy idea yesterday morning when I woke up-

Not sure how long I’ll be in the mood, so if it sounds like something you can’t pass up, act on it NOW.

I’m bringing back the 2-hour Nurturing Intensive for just $97 (because I’m LOVING breaking through the blocks with sisters) 


My lowest price ever for coaching:

10 private 1:1 sessions for only $1297. Because— why the hell not?  And I’m having so much fun helping women get set free like I was. 

These are the numbers that sound exciting and fun to me right now.

I only do what sounds fun and excites my soul these days, so if you like it, I invite you to act now because it could be gone tomorrow.

If your SOUL is saying YES, then email me now at lorraine@lorrainepursell.com and let’s have some FUN setting you free and un-piling the rubble you’re buried under. And I’m ALLLLLL about the fun, ~Contact.FirstName~.

Love Love,




PS- Earth Angel School is 1 YEAR OLD!

And to honor you for becoming an Anniversary member and enrolling, I’m giving you as a bonus a 2-session Nurturing Intensive (Valued at $600) for becoming a new member.

This is what 2-Session Nurturing Intensive clients said last week:

“I feel better. I got some ideas and some direction. Now i have some things to think about. It’s all good now.” CW, North Dakota

“Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I feel supported. I was able to let something go. I feel like I’m back in my body after being stuck in my head my whole life. The relaxation I feel! I feel hope and emotional relief. I got real joy.” TR, Canada

“Lorraine shared a tool to see my daughter, who I’ve been really worried about, the way I wanted her future to be, and to keep focusing ONLY on that What a relief.” PK, Canada

“I felt very validated- that I was not being petty and I am very hopeful now- hope and light, and it was very soothing and welcoming and loving to be with Lorraine. I found out who I really am.” TD, Canada

“I got confirmation. I’m encouraged. I’m proud of myself and feel good about the progress I’m making. Thank you.” DM, North Dakota

This 2-Session Nurturing Intensive bonus is extremely valuable if you’re desire escape from all that holds you back.

Are you ready to take your life where you only imagined?

Are you ready to end what’s holding you back?

Are you ready to expand to the next higher version of yourself?

Are you tired of feeling stuck, complacent and bored with your life?

Don’t you know that there is WAAAAAAAYYYYYY more for you to be, do and have?

Let’s do this! Go to EarthAngelSchool.net or schedule a consultation to see if private coaching is the best fit for you.

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