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a day of gentleness- what I said in my ABC Radio Exclusive about Florida

Early Friday morning after the Florida incident, I was called by Chris Simon at Cherry Creek Media in North Dakota to give advice on the 7:00 am ABC Radio Broadcast. Topic: how to handle questions from our kids.

When I figure out how to let you hear it, I will in another email.

So I’m just going to tell you what I said.

Our hearts are with those who are suffering. Light a candle and be in silence or prayer for them with your children- this is what we can do.

BUT- with 7.5 billion people on the earth, these incidents are rare. We are in a world where things like this are blown out of proportion and throw us all into fear.

When we are in fear, we attract more incidents & get suspicious of others.

Here’s what to do:

Know that we DO LIVE in a safe world.

Tell your kids they are safe and they are loved.

Teach your kids to trust their intuition, their Inner Wisdom and they’ll know where to go, who to speak with and when to leave.

You must know that you are safe and you are loved.

But it’s hard to teach this if we are not living it ourselves.

How do we come to know that we are safe, loved and able to trust our intuition?

Lorraine Pursell, MA

By going into stillness. Only in stillness can we hear our Inner wisdom and Intuition.

Here’s what I suggest you do with your family:

1-Turn off technology

2-Have family quiet time

3-For those suffering, light a candle and have quiet meditation for them with your kids and partner

4-Start trusting the little directions you feel yourself moving in- listen and obey what your body and feelings are leading you to do.

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Much love.

Lori P





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