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Earth Angel Tip #16: Move Your Body Exercise

How are you doing, darling? I’m in the United Airlines lounge in Denver flying back from San Francisco and my photo shoot with Wendy Yallom.

My 86 year old Aunt assisted us as we moved from site to site, grabbing this and carrying that.

It made me think of you as I remember her moving with ease up and down stairs and hiking across Crissy Field with The Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Earth Angel Tip #16 is about how to keep yourself in this kind of shape!

So I’m serving it up to you in hopes it serves you, my dear- you can watch it right here now.

While the thought of exercise can be downright EXHAUSTING sometimes, it is one of the tools that saved me from debilitating depression, fear and worry. Yes, I was one of the world’s worst worry warts!

So I know first hand that exercise is better than Prozac or Sertraline, neither of which solved my issues and left me with an addiction to it that took years to get out from under.

With exercise being so available to most of us, take my tip for this week and put on your walking shoes with me!

If this tip has been encouraging there’s tons more where that came from in Earth Angel School!

You’re what I call a Woman On The Rise. You love deeply, care immensely for your family and feel everything they are going through.

But you’re ready to see how far you can go without their personal struggles holding you back- you want to live Your great Big Life.

Earth Angel School provides you with the support and inspiration to still care and love deeply AND consider yourself and your dreams.

We’ve all got your back in the EAS Sisterhood! Go check it out now and watch videos of fellow sisters telling how it’s changed their lives.

Hope you join us soon!

Love, love-

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