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Earth Angel Tip #4: Forgot Who You Are? Your Sacred Purpose

I had no idea who I was. I morphed into whatever those I loved wanted me to be. I was a chameleon. Can you relate?

I was like a boat tossed around on a raging sea with no tether, no grounding. I was miserable, depressed, confused, and wanted to end my life!

Only through gifted coaches did I find myself- AND my Sacred Purpose. Then. Everything. Changed.

As Earth Angels, we are so wired to please that we forget about ourselves. It’s time to start claiming ourselves and the real reason we are alive in 2017.

You are here for a very important purpose. You were born with gifts that you’re MEANT to give- the RIGHT gifts, not cleaning up after others and wasting your precious life doing others’ bidding.

Does this make sense, Earth Angel?

Believe me when I say that you matter, and the things you only dream of doing and being are actually your destiny in one form or another.

Here’s a short video I made for you to open you up to remembering more deeply who you REALLY are. Watch Earth Angel Tip #4 here now.

Finding our Sacred Purpose is the most important mission we can have.

It’s in your yearning.

It’s in your Still, Small Voice.

It’s in the whispers in your ear.

It’s in your heart, your desires, your imaginations and day dreams.

This is your one and only life.

And this is why I created Earth Angel School. Because we need extra support and encouragement to believe in ourselves enough to say YES to ourselves: our Sacred Yes!

Why I created Earth Angel School

Earth Angel School is for those who want the courage to be more- to live Their Great Big Life.

Do you want my short cuts to courage, boldness and the joy that comes from knowing you had the guts to actually say YES to yourself and your destiny?

On my way to courage, boldness and joy I learned valuable secrets like calming and quieting my mind, stopping it from racing so I didn’t feel like I was crazy.

I learned that the only way to true happiness is being true to ME and letting others just deal with that whether they liked it or not. (In love, of course :))

It was VERY powerful and my life completely changed.

Is it time for YOU to step into your full confidence & purpose?

My tools and strategies in Earth Angel School will guide you back home to yourself.

I personally coach you in our WEEKLY CALLS for only $47 a month. I don’t know where else you can get so much loving support.

(PSSST -> Your first month is FREE!)

I made Earth Angel School so affordable because I want nothing to stop your empowerment.

It’s only $47 US a month, so whatever your exchange rate, or whatever your financial situation, you can do this! Calls are recorded so you DON’T have to be there live.

Your first month is free, so try it out. You can cancel at any time so there’s just no risk for you.

If you’re ready to feel confident, happy and fulfilled, and are DONE with suffering, low confidence, feeling like you’re not enough, then let’s get Empowered.

Why are you waiting for fulfillment?

These tools WORK- I’ve tried them, tested them on me and my clients, and they WORK.

You’ll be nurtured by…
~ The safe community of women who “get” you
~ Recognition and support for your gifts and expansion
~ Little workshops and exercises so you embody each Tool
~ Guided meditations to calm and soothe you
~ Q&As to be personally coached by me and learn from others
~ Recorded calls so you don’t have to attend live and can re-listen any time.
~ Our private Face book group for the Earth Angel sisterhood ONLY.

Get the Tools that assisted me and my clients to walk away from being victims, sad, scared, nervous and worried, and ushered us into being Empowered Earth Angels.

Ready to be an empowered Earth Angel?

Sign up now to get your first MONTH TODAY for free.

Do it for your sons and daughters- they need see you courageously living Your Great Big Life, even if they’re grown.

You are the spiritual leader of your family and your kids look to you for the example of courageousness. When they see you thriving, they thrive.

If you’re ready to claim your true confidence, I’m holding space for you, love.

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