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Earth Angel Tip #9: Finding Beauty Everywhere

There was a time when I couldn’t notice the beauty that was right under my nose.

That’s right.

I was so depressed that it did not register. My personal fog was so thick that my life’s sunshine couldn’t come through.

Those days are long past now, thank God, the Archangels and the Powers That BE!

This week’s Earth Angel Tip supports you to notice the beauty all around you, even if it’s not IMMEDIATELY beautiful at first glance.

How much can you go outside yourself, like I finally had to, and see the wonders around you?

As an Earth Angel, you have the power to rise above the normal and rise to everything that lifts you up to the inspirational realms- like in this video. Watch it here now.

As we Walk In Beauty we heal ourselves so we can give our gifts to the world, because the world NEEDS THEM!

Go give your gift of happiness, peace and joy, Earth Angel!

Earth Angel School is the place for ongoing support for you to do this.

If you want to talk with other women, just like you from all over the globe, who are highly sensitive like you may be, then this is your place.

Are you tired of feeling isolated, alone, misunderstood, lost, inauthentic, unsure, unconfident, fearful and wondering if you’ll ever get it together enough to live your life’s purpose?

You’ll find the support, compassion, understanding, self-expression, and your authenticity in Earth Angel School.

Claim your 30-day free membership now and see how you love it! Learn all the details here..

Scroll below for something very special, love.

This Empowered Earth Angel Assessment is $250.00.

In this Assessment you can expect to identify your 3 biggest ways that you give your power away.

Only when you identify your power-leaks can you begin to change your life. I am offering Empowered Earth Angel Assessment at no charge to the first 25 people in July.

If this is something you’d like to pursue, email me at lorraine@lorrainepursell.com or hit reply to this email.

Dedicated to your bliss,

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