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Earth Angel Tip #8: Being in Stillness & Beauty

What about beauty?

What about stillness?

Earth Angels cannot thrive without these 2 elements.

In this week’s video I share a most beautiful spot and how I replenish myself.

Watch it here now.

Here’s the link to register today: http://www.EarthAngelSchool.net.

And if you’re finding these tips helpful, then you know you’re and Earth Angel- those of us who need and crave sisterhood and community to be our highest and our best.

Join us now for Earth Angel School this Thursday at 3 pm ET. Check you local time here.


Join us for a month at no cost, and it’s $47 a month after that.

You get:
~ WEEKLY support calls
~ Relevant teachings exactly for your personal growth as an Earth Angel
~ A chance to have your voice HEARD as I open the lines for your comments
~ A Community of like-minded women who get you
~ A Safe Sisterhood where you can really share your heart and concerns
~ Recordings of each and every call for your personal library
~ Personal coaching with me in each session
~ Your questions answered
~ Private, safe, closed Facebook Group
~ One on One private coaching discounts with me
~ You’re the first to know about upcoming specials I’m offering

You can cancel at any time. Go ahead and give it a try. Join us Thursday. See you there!

A lot of our members are either at work or asleep on the other side of the globe. They listen to the recordings and get the same benefits- if this is you, email me your questions and I’ll answer them on the air. Blessings.

Here’s the link to register today: http://www.EarthAngelSchool.net. See you there.

Many Blessings and love to you,

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