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My Mom Had Just Died- I Couldn’t Stop Crying… + 3 New Ways For You…

Has this ever run through your mind?

“I can’t spend THAT on myself- my husband won’t understand and my kids need stuff. I really want to do this for myself, but no one will approve.”

Sound familiar?

I used to feel this way about getting help for the depression, sadness, chronic fear and severe self-doubt that plagued me.

But my mom had just died, and I couldn’t stop crying for 6 months straight.

I finally decided enough was ENOUGH!

I HAD to start feeling better.

I’d finally HAD IT with misery.

I decided I deserved better.

I pulled out my credit cards and did it for ME! I hired a coach and everything changed.

(Yes, I used credit cards to fund my healing- it’s not like I had the money lying around. And it was worth ALL the interest.)

(This is how I feel about credit cards: they are the tool to fund where we want to go- there’s no waiting until we ‘have the money.’ It will never happen. They have made all the difference in my life and I am so thankful!)

I healed from deep, deep emotional wounds.

My life completely took off.

Now, whenever I want to expand to a new level, I hire a coach and I get there.

Life is too short to live half-happy, half-joyful, half-proud and half-purposed.


Oprah Winfrey says this:
“There is nothing more important than being in your purpose.”Now that I’m living my purpose, I agree 100%!

Before my mom died 22 years ago, I was NOT living my purpose.

I drifted along aimlessly going from day-to-day, just keeping my nose above water.

I had no purpose.

Yes, I was raising my son, and that was very important.

But he was moving on with his life soon and I needed to GET A LIFE!

I found my purpose when, with my coach’s encouragement, I finished my Bachelor’s degree and then got my Counseling Master’s.

From then on I felt good about myself and my life because I knew I was on track.

I supported families and individuals as a counselor, educational therapist and coach.

I’ll tell you right now, there’s NO WAY I would have EVER taken those bold steps without my coach.
I’m just saying, because if you’re like me, you may be saying, “I can’t afford coaching.” like I used to say to myself.

But you cannot afford not to.

The half-lived life is not worth living.

When you meet your Maker are you going to say, “Sorry, God- I was too scared. I didn’t trust You to provide for me, and I denied myself the support I wanted to really live my purpose.”

Ain’t gonna fly- sorry.

I’ve spent a lot of money on my healing journey, but my life is worth every penny and I’m SO GRATEFUL to the coaches (and my beloved credit cards) that opened the doors to my Great Big Life.

Here’s another reason this was important…

I wanted my son to know his mom as a happy, joyful, empowered being who was a role model for him.

Only when I decided to INVEST in MYSELF did this shift happen.

And I’m so happy to say that not only have I become a role model for my son, but that he is SO PROUD of me and what I do.

I inspire his life and he tells me all the time that my son is so impressed with me.

THAT’S an amazing feeling.

How would you feel to know that you inspire your children by your life and how bravely you live it?

Let me tell you, nothing can replace your kids being proud of you and the life you live.

3 Ways to Feel Better FAST

Option 1:
My new 3-Session Breakthrough Package:

If you’re tired of the grip anxiety, panic, fear and depression holds over you, I’ve created this special starter package so you can begin living your fulfilled, authentic, joyful and peaceful life. Here’s how each session goes, but you can use the 3 sessions for any breakthrough you desire.

Session #1: Uncover Your Light

Together in a safe space we’ll discover and release the roots of the anxiety, fear and/or depression that dampens your light. I’ll guide you to your emotional freedom, peace and deep inner joy. You’ll feel relieved in Session #1 as I lovingly guide you to The True, Authentic New You.

We uncover your natural happiness and the more-empowered you. You start shining again in Session #1.

I will be by your side every step of the way.

You get my signature tools & practices customized just for your needs to support your happy, high-energy life, especially during the Holidays.

Here’s what one client said after Session #1:

“I went from feeling so icky to feeling so much better. You built me up. You helped me move past all those rotten voices inside my head and replace them with the positive. You took the icky out and put the good stuff in. I feel empowered. I feel like an inflated balloon now when before I felt flat and awful.” R.B., North Dakota, US

Session #2: Uncover Your Gifts & Purpose

Now you’re ready to break through to The Fulfilled You in Session #2.

We clean up your beliefs, your self-worth, and uncover your Gifts and Purpose for your family, your community and the world.

Imagine how amazing you’ll feel knowing your God-given Gifts and your “Handshake Deal” with Universe so that you courageously live your fulfilled life.

Imaging clearly knowing what you’re to do in the world! My signature techniques empower you to raise your confidence as I celebrate and acknowledge you every step of the way.

**You’ll release the REAL REASON for fear, anxiety, panic, worry, depression and self-doubt- not living your full expression. With my support, you’ll have the courage to finally Give Your Gifts.

You’re a brilliant star- let me help you shine!

Here’s what a client said after Session #2:

“With Lorraine’s loving support I shed the harmful beliefs I had about me that I’d been taught growing up and I feel SO FREE now to live my gifts- my music. I’ve always hid and was afraid to shine. No more. I am the person I wanted to be, was aching to be, my whole life.” -J.U., North Dakota, US

Session #3: Blueprint to The New You

We’re now ready to map The Path to The New You.

We chart your course and design your next steps as the shining star and inspiration to your family, your community and your work.

Using your insights about your life and path, you learn to FULLY EXPRESS YOURSELF and YOUR GIFTS for the fulfilling, authentic, peaceful and joyful you.

Now you are free to be authentic, joyful and peaceful instead of depressed, worried, sad and fearful!

Here’s what Esther said about her work with me:

“Lorraine made something beautiful- she helped me realize that I’m REALLY GOOD at what I do. Her coaching helped me overcome my fear of getting started and how to manage sessions. Now I have the steps and structures of how to powerfully run my program. I’m SO EXCITED about using my intuition and gifts to heal people’s lives now.” -Esther Pesie, France

This special 3-session package is offered for $497.00 US, (regular $900.00 US) through December 31, 2017

Email me now at lorraine@lorrainepursell.com to book a time to speak and sign up for these limited spots.

You will be on your way to your new life for 2018.

Option 2:
Secure & Confident In 2018 Package

For the woman who wants deeper, longer-term support.


10 One-on-One Private Sessions on Skype, phone or Zoom

+ Plus +

2 hour Jump-Start Nurturing Breakthrough Intensive

This package can be used for any transformation you desire

including these suggestions:

~Family Makeover

~Reinventing Yourself

~Courage to Live Your Purpose and Give Your Gifts

~Overcome Depression without Drugs

~Conquer Fear, Anxiety & Panic attacks


~Empowerment with Emotionally Abusive Relationship

~Emotional Empowerment

Special Holiday Offering: $1497 USD

(Regular $3,600.00 USD)

through December 31, 2017

Email me now at lorraine@lorrainepursell.com to book a time to speak and sign up for these limited spots.

Option 3:
Earth Angel School Global Sisterhood

For those want to feel at home with the Global Sisterhood that ‘gets’ you

and supports you.

No need to explain yourself- everyone has your back & celebrates you.

You want to courageously become a Woman On The Rise.

Weekly live calls with coaching from me,

grounding meditations and

my signature empowering teachings

for keeping your energy high and clear

(value $400.00)

Recordings if you can’t attend live to hear over and over again and

be empowered each week

Weekly Call Downloads to keep for your Personal Library (Value $100)
Private Facebook Group for Members Only so that you can experience the community who has your back (value $100)

Video Recaps of highlights for each call. (Value $50)

$97 US a month (Value $650 US a month)

First month free. Cancel at any time.

Enroll at EarthAngelSchool.net

What members say…

“I no longer feel alone or like a freak for feeling what I feel and being who I am. Earth Angel School has made all the difference for me with the weekly call replays- I feel like I’m there even though I’ve never attended live!” -Dee James, radio personality, North Dakota

“Lorraine and the ladies lift me each week! I’m a changed woman- YEAH! I’ve never experienced this before. Thank you Lorraine for creating Earth Angel School- it is such an blessing. Woo hoo!” Janene Bartz, cashier manager, CA

“I get so much from each call I hear on replay- I’ve never been there live! Each call is SOOO powerful! I transform and get nuggets each week.” – Donna Green, Scotland


These are my Holiday offerings to you- put yourself on your own list this Holiday! Isn’t it time?

Much love, Lori P

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