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She DID IT! And Not Just For Her…

I just had to share with you, Lorraine

I just got off Skype with a beautiful young lady/mother/career woman in Scotland, and SHE DID IT!

She decided that she’d had enough of misery and living half her power.

She invested in herself and purchased my 6 month coaching program.

And you should have seen her! She was not the same person I’d seen the other day- today she is radiant, glowing, confident, sure- she made the decision to coach together and to make a better, more empowered life for herself.

But not just for her.

She has a little daughter who she wants to show how to be empowered.

And she wants her marriage to come back to life.

So she DID IT!!! Big congrats to her!

And 3 other women did it for themselves and the happy life they deserve so far already in January!

I am so proud of them!

They got sick of their misery.

One wants to have a better relationship with her boyfriend.

The other wants to just get through her bitterness and feel happy again.

Another wants to experience her full empowerment.

What is it for you?

What is it that you want?

How do YOU want your life to be in 2018 and on?

If not now, when?

Now is the time.

There will never be the right time and we will never have the money laying around for this.

You have to just decide that you’re ready to invest in yourself.

You have to just say, “I’m doing this- for me and for those I love. Now.”

When would NOW be the right time for you?

It’s your one and only life.

Make it full, and rich and the best it can be.

I want to be your coach and support you. Book your call with me now: https://meetme.so/LorrainePursell.

Are you ready for your life to be something different?
Are you ready to be like these other 4 other beautiful women and get the support you need to make 2018 one you will always remember?

The year that you DECIDED and invested in yourself to make sure you have the amazing life you were born to live?

I hope so. Let’s talk now. https://meetme.so/LorrainePursell

This beautiful woman in Scotland, and the other 4 women, know that their kids are watching them. They know that they will do what they do- their kids already ARE! And these ladies don’t like what they are being as examples.

So they’re doing it for their kids secondarily after changing their lives for the better for themselves.

What kind of example do you want to be for your kids?

One who hangs back depriving yourself of the richest, fullest happiest life you can have?

Or are you the mom/wife/mother who does whatever it takes to grab all that God has for her?

Do it for them if you can’t do it for yourself.

I can’t wait to talk with you! Let’s DO this!


Much love, Lori P

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