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The 2 most important days of your life. + Nurturing Breakthrough Sessions

Hey there-

Here’s my question for you: What are you willing to do to have the life you were meant to have?

Mark Twain said this:

“The 2 most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out WHY!”

Are you messing around with a half-lived life?

What do you think you came here for?????

In my NBC TV show this week, I shared that I believe you did NOT come here to have babies and be a wife- some very important ROLES you play, but NOT the reason!

Now, sister, let’s get it together and reach into your soul and your desire.

Let’s find out WHY you came here.

Buy my 2 hour Nurturing Breakthrough Intensives & find out WHY…

My clients buy my 2 hour Breakthrough Intensives and this is what one of them said after we cleared fear and anxiety around a few issues she was dealing with…

“She brought me back to myself very quickly- in just 1 session. I see the light that I am again. I was pretty afraid and didn’t know what to expect, but Lorraine has my back and I know that I can always contact her if I’m in trouble or feeling scared again. If you’re too frightened to do this, just book your call and tell her your fears so she can walk you through them and get you to the other side. That’s what I did. And I’m so glad. I’m glad I did this for myself. JUST DO IT!” -Donna Green, Scotland

And another dear woman had intense pain in her shoulders a week ago. She had many chiropractor appointments to temporarily help, but the root cause, her worry and distress, kept making it come back:

“I’m feeling so much better, L. It was wonderful- it was like a Soul-Cleanser. It was better than I ever imagined it would be. I was skeptical, but turns out I needed this. I came into my power with your help.”

And a day later she texted me this: “I’m still a bit sore in my neck, but it’s much better now. I feel inside that you did “Soul Surgery” on me. SO much weight lifted off my shoulders.”

Let me help you Breakthrough to RELIEF- schedule your call here now:

EVERY TIME- we have fear and body pain, it indicates that we have a Great Big Life that we’re not letting out. And until we do, our Life-Force energy suffers. And so do we and our family.

In your 2-hour Nurturing Breakthrough Session, you’ll get relief from your body pain,  your emotional pain, relieve your knots, aches and tension while we clear what’s blocking you.

This is Your Breakthrough.

We’ll breakthrough what’s in your way to you THRIVING- those blocks you’re subtly aware of but can’t quite evict on your own. We all need help with this.

As you look into your future, do you want more of what you have?

If you keep letting pain and fear live inside you it will turn into a disease if it hasn’t already.

But the biggest pain, though, is living a half-lived life- not living WHY you came here.

I know- I suffered with depression until the day I grabbed my courage and stood for what I was supposed to do on this earth.

Do you want something better?

It’s not getting better on your own by reading books & watching free stuff. It’s not even enough to be in group programs thinking you’ll save money! It’s just not enough. I know- been there, girlfriend!

It take the one-on-one attention of someone who loves you, has your back and sees your greatness- sees who you really are. That’s ME!

If not now, when?

Book your call with me now to see if this Breakthrough Intensive is right for you.

For the month of February these 2-hour Breakthroughs are almost half-off- $497 (Regularly $900)

Book yours now for relief from the things you cannot heal yourself.

Are you ready to bust out of fear and Breakthrough into

Your Great Big Life?

Are you ready to end fear and feel relief ALLLLL the time?

Are you ready to be the woman that your husband fell in love with again?

Are you ready to be fearless in life and stand for all you came here to be?

Then let’s get going, Sister!

Book your call with me now so we can get you scheduled for this almost half-off Nurturing Breakthrough Session for $497 (regular $900)!


2 other ways to get relief:

My special coaching package containing a 90 minute Nurturing Intensive and 10 one-on-one Private sessions with me:

$2197 for the month of February (reguarlly $4200)

Only 10 spots available- 

This is  your opportunity to be thoroughly supported by a professional who’s been through the trenches herself and helped hundreds of women come into their own.

Make your appointment to talk with me now before these 10 spots fill.

The other way: Earth Angel School


Weekly teachings and coaching from Lorraine in a group setting with like-minded Women around the world.

Recordings of each call

Private FB group for 24/7 support

The pain in your body and your emotional misery is speaking to you. What is it trying to say? I’ll take you back home to yourself.

Which one of these 3 ways is calling you?

Book a chat with me and I’ll support you in your next steps: https://meetme.so/LorrainePursell

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