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How to Best Help Those in Need- Today at Noon ET…

Today’s free Facebook Livestream at noon ET is all about how we can REALLY help those in need with what’s going on in our world. Especially now, we need to keep our energy high and clear so we can actually help others. This is what really matters.

But how can we not get swallowed up in fear and despair? This is what I’ll address, because we are of no use to others when we fall into this state. It really matters.

And how do we stay focused on what really matters each day and not get swept up in the urgent, the demanding and the crisis? How do we not “Go down with the ship?”

I’ll share this in today’s special Facebook Livestream at https://www.facebook.com/LorrainePursellMA noon ET. Find your time here.

Here’s what I’ve found: it takes a concerted effort to stay true to our center, our core, our fundamental truth and not get tossed around by everything around us.

But how do you do this when you feel selfish for it? We’ll explore this in this special FREE Livestream where together we learn how to stay strong for those around us.

This is in my open Facebook group where you do not need to join and everyone is welcome. Go here at noon ET to get this Free training: https://www.facebook.com/LorrainePursellMA.

I’ll share what works and what doesn’t for staying powerful when life dishes it out, and why it’s most important that we mind our energy. Don’t miss it!

And over in Earth Angel School Thursday I’ll coach you live on what you’re dealing with so you can break through your personal obstacles to keeping your energy high and clear.

Earth Angel School is our community of women going further in their lives and who know it’s more fun when we’re surrounded with others just like us who want more out of life and want to make a difference in the world.

Have you read all the books, listened to all the mp3s, visualized and meditated, and STILL don ‘t have the results you want in your career, family, and well-being? Then this weekly support may be for you.

This weekly tribe of women, who feel everything deeply and have so much love to give, thrive and grow into the powerful creatures and spiritual warriors they are.

Get your limited-time free month trial at EarthAngelSchool.net. Try it for a month and see how you love the interaction, the fellowship, and belonging to a group of sisters who GET you. Join Earth Angel School here now.

NOTE: Founder’s pricing is going away October 1st, 2017, so if you have been thinking about joining this great community & staying grounded, connected and inspired in your life, now is the time!

You don’t have to do it alone anymore. We ‘ve got your back!

If you want to see some of my NBC TV shows on raising kids well while taking care of you, go to lorrainepursell.com > TV tab. This is my parenting segment called Kids’ Connection filled with my tips from 22 years counseling and guiding families and parents. Hope you enjoy them!

If you know you’d like personal support from me, I have several one-on-one coaching packages available for you. These are not on my website and only available to those who reach out here. Email me at Lorraine@LorrainePursell.com and we’ll visit about your needs and how I can support you personally.

May you, your family, your extended family and all of their extended families be Blessed!

Love, L.

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