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Do You Feel This Way, Too? + Scholarships Still Available

I am so excited to talk with you today and tell you a little bit more of my story. There is so much.

I, like I’m sure is true for you, feel like I’ve been through many lifetimes in just this one.

And through it all, I’ve felt this deep, deep spiritual connection.

And it manifests in my connection with others I meet and others I love, but it’s always there.

Giving my light as an Earth Angel has been such a trek of learning to believe in myself where there was no belief- except for my inner, silent connection to Spirit.

Do you feel this way?

It’s as if we are in this world, but SO not a part of it!

Every day can feel like a rude awakening and can be jarring.

Marrying my Earth Angel Self to my human self is a ride each and every day.

AND- the fact that we pick up on all vibrations of everyone around us and mistakenly think that they’re our own can be quite confusing.

I am rambling, but I wanted to just share that this morning.

If you feel like you’d like support of either myself or my group program of global sisters who feel the same way, to navigate the strange, yet beautiful waters of Earth Angel-dom, I’ve got you covered.

You can scroll below to read about them. Or you can just schedule a call with me here now.

I opened more scholarship spots for 2018- for 1 more week*?

*Book your call with me by Sunday, January 7 so we can see how we can get you qualified.

One thing I’ve learned is that there’s only so much healing that I can do by myself.

And while the books, programs, mp3s and communities are wonderful and give us insights, sometimes it take the one-on-one support of a trusted mentor who knows what we’re going through to help us rise above what’s in the way so that we can have our peaceful, happy, fulfilled life.

Would you like to completely fall in love with your life?

I always had a glimmer of love within me- that Spirit connection again- but there was not a shred of that glimmer otherwise.

I don’t know if you’ve felt that way, but as I’ve talked to so many women, I find that this is the case for them, too.

We compromise, bend over backwards, over-give, go outside our center, allow ourselves to be taken advantage of, and can easily feel like victims because we do so much for others out of our love for them.

Sound familiar?

I realized on New Year’s Day that I wanted to spend time with more amazing ladies. I had such a great time talking to so many of you over last weekend- and I WANT MORE OF YOU!

Do you want to transform your life like I did?

If so, I have 3 ways currently on offer to help you establish that sheer love for yourself and your life so that you don’t waste a DROP of your existence on this Earth:

1- The 3-Session Breakthrough Package

2- the 10 session + a 2 hour Nurturing Intensive Package

3- Earth Angel School

I’ve re-opened and extended the limited scholarship spots until Sunday, January 7. Spots are limited because it is my one-on-one time.

Here’s what my amazing client Dottie said:

“…I was in a slump!! the sky was not blue, the sun was not bright, I didn’t have a smile and shed lots of tear!! Lorraine Pursell’s [info] popped out at me, I made the call… and felt like I had a best friend I could share anything with. She was so compassionate and caring.

During the next several months… I had her total attention and my story flowed out to her. She gave me the insight and confidence I needed…. Is my life perfect now, no, but I have learned how to handle certain situations with confidence I didn’t know I had. She is always a phone call away if needed 24/7. I am so grateful I made that call! > >> > >> A happy soul!!” -Dottie Smith, Farm Manager, North Dakota

Are you tired of being last and READY to be a Woman On The RISE, no longer available for crumbs, but want the FULL DEAL IN 2018- book your call now with me and let’s talk today or tomorrow. Tell me you’re ready to end self-doubt, anxiety and pain and get on with your happy life you deserve.

My darling, even though you may want to feel better about your life and fully appreciate yourself, sometimes we Earth Angels have a hard time investing in ourselves beyond clothes, nails, hair, make up and other frivolous stuff.

We’ll buy anything for anyone else we love, but for ourselves? Not a chance.

And we hear our husbands and family complain that we can’t afford it, but what is more important than you feeling fabulous, free, excited about life?

It takes US taking a stand for ourselves and investing in our happiness.

And when we do, those around us take note.

Our kids help out more.

Our partners respect us more.

Life seems to cater to us more because we believed in US.

And sometimes that is hard to achieve alone. We need the help of a mentor to have our back so we can stand strong in the storm.

Read what Dora said about working together:

“… A Facebook share by a friend … [introduced me to Lorraine’s work] and I signed up… for a free, exploratory Skype session with Lorraine….

That initial conversation… was special because I felt I was both listened to and heard in a profound way. I had been wrestling for decades with a painful past, which was taking its toll on my current life with increasingly crippling effect.

I had spent my whole life thinking that I was only worthwhile as a person by serving the needs of others – my family, patients, clients, even friends. I had no idea I had any inherent value, independent of what I did for others. I felt unlovable, worthless, depressed and anxious at the time I talked to Lorraine… I was in a real mess.

I had sought help and guidance many times in my life… psychotherapy, counselling and … other self-development encounters…, but the pain and confusion persisted…. Working as a therapist myself, but feeling increasingly burnt-out.

Through being engaged with Lorraine… I have begun a new relationship with myself, one of self-respect, self-care and learning what it is to love myself for who I am….

I am still at the beginning of identifying and nurturing what is my true calling, my purpose in life. But I now have a much clearer understanding of what gives me energy and joy and what lights me up. Lorraine, through her coaching, has provided me with resources and tools which are helping me… habitually take care of myself first, central to every day that I live – something I was entirely unable to do before working with Lorraine.

I have been surprised at how simple it is to… value myself and take care of myself by using the coaching tools and having weekly Skype sessions with Lorraine. I know it is up to me, but having a coach who cares and ‘has my back’ (as Lorraine says) is making all the difference….

I still have to build my confidence, but I have some tools and an understanding of how to do this, thanks to Lorraine.

I am hugely grateful for the work Lorraine has shared with me. She came into my life when I did not know where to turn and was at a very low ebb. She has provided me with loving care and just the right tools and resources for me to start developing myself and becoming a joyful and productive person.”

-Dora Sneddon, Occupational Therapist, Scotland

I would love nothing more than to get on the phone or Skype with you and see how I can support you so that you can live free, happy and purposefully! You can schedule your call now while the scholarships last.

Much love, Lori P

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