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Earth Angel Tip #2: Are You Too Humble? Self-Appreciation

Even though I was a completely capable and talented woman, I spent years putting myself down, thinking that I was not enough and comparing myself to others.

Because I didn’t believe in me then, I found tons of things wrong and didn’t like who I was. I’m embarrassed to say that I was self-loathing and very, very depressed. I was so sad. I was in constant fear.

At times I even wondered if I mattered that much, and if I left the planet would anyone really miss me?

I kept hooking up with men who subtly put me down and this furthered my inner despair.

But why did I put up with this? I was talented. I was willing and eager. I was beautiful. I was bubbly. I had so many gifts. It just didn’t make sense!

Can you relate at all to any of this?

If so, you’re an Earth Angel. If any of these feelings ring true for you then read on. It just doesn’t add up, right?

I’ve talked with so many women this last year, and our confidence is suffering.

Especially you deserve to feel good and be proud of yourself and your accomplishments. You are such a sweet, caring, loving woman, yet you worry about being arrogant if you feel too good about yourself.

You’re good at your job, and I want you to feel that.
You’re a great mom or grandma, and I want you to congratulate yourself.
You’re growing and becoming a better person, and I want you to appreciate that.

As an Earth Angel, you’re really special and unique. You’re that person who takes it all personally because you care so much and want to do well.

You want to make your family and the world better, and I LOVE YOU for that!

To be our fullness we need self-appreciation.

There are lots of things we Earth Angels do behind closed doors, and it holds us back. We over-eat, pick ourselves apart, drink and drug, bite our nails, etc.

It’s like we’re trying to destroy ourselves, and it’s behind closed doors.

We feel guilty, sorry, depressed, shy, embarrassed, worried and fearful. Our days are rare when we aren’t ravaged by self-doubt and self-criticism. We need to change that.

Our world says it’s wrong to like and praise ourselves. And if anyone deserves to praise themselves, it’s us.

Society says it’s conceited if we like and love ourselves.

I’m challenging that right now: Earth Angels are God Sparks. You are here for something so much bigger than you can even imagine right now.

As an Earth Angel, you’re sensitive, intuitive, and loving which means you’re one of God’s chosen messengers.

It’s really alright to appreciate yourself and your wonderful traits.

I explain this further in this short video. Here’s Earth Angel Tip #2. Watch it here now.

You are the sweet, loving, caring woman (or man) who puts everyone else first and you last if ever. That needs to change.

Putting ourselves down, or letting someone else put us down, puts God down. I hope this makes sense to you.

It takes extra hard work to protect our God Spark and our precious Earth Angel Spirit. But we need guidance and support to stay strong without apology.

As I began recovering my life, I realized just how special I am. I knew I needed guidance and education or I’d slip right back. I’d go back to my negative habits without training.

My mind’s negative habits were so strong that I couldn’t withstand it until I learned TONS OF TOOLS to restore it back to health.

I trained my mind as if it were an unruly wild child needing direction. I taught it how to behave. I wanted my mind to end criticism and start appreciation.

This is why I created Earth Angel School.

Because you are sweet and care so much, you deserve your full and happy life so you can shine and give your gifts to the world with more confidence!

On my way back to happiness, peace and joy I learned so many valuable and precious secrets to calm and quiet my mind from racing and being crazy.

I want you to have these valuable secrets in Earth Angel School so you can be confident.

This program guides you to your worthiness, deserving and feeling great again. Your natural childlike happiness, peace, joy can be yours again.

You deserve to claim your innate wisdom and true confidence.

The tools and strategies in Earth Angel School guide you back to yourself- back home.

It’s your turn to thrive in your life and shake off what’s holding you back!

I’ll personally coach you in the Q&A portion of 3 calls a month for only $47.

Join me in Earth Angel School now.

Earth Angels give so much love and support and they need it, too. We get pulled into self-doubt and self-criticism without it.

Be free from guilt, shame, self-abandonment, worry, depression and fear with the tools I’ll share with you.

Step into your happiness, peace, joy, authenticity, and full self-expression for good.

See you in Earth Angel School.

Your first month is FREE!

I made Earth Angel School super affordable because I want nothing to stop your empowerment. It’s only $47 US a month, so no matter what your exchange rate or financial situation, you can do this.

Your first month is free so try it out. You can cancel at any time and there’s just no risk for you.

Your natural confidence, deep happiness, fulfillment and peace will come back with my tools and strategies that WORK! I’ve tried them, I’ve tested them on myself and my clients, and they’re true.

Each of the calls each month has the steps to your confidence with:
~ Workshops and exercises so you embody each concept
~ Relaxing meditations so you calm and quiet your mind
~ Q&As so you’re personally coached by me and learn from others
~ Recorded calls so you don’t have to attend live and can practice again.

We have a private, secure Facebook group for the committed sisterhood of Earth Angels.

Each call is infused with healing, calming energy to soothe you back to peace and to raise your vibration. Join now while we’re still small so we can have more time together.

Sign up here.

Get all of my tools that freed me to be an empowered Earth Angel.

Are you finally ready to be free from guilt, shame, co-dependency and over-giving, and be peacefully confident?

Ready to be an empowered Earth Angel and see who you can be?

Your new confidence and strength will serve your sons and daughters.

If you’re ready to break free, I’m holding space for you, love.

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