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“I’ll catch the next flight out.” The day my life changed forever Part 1…

Hey there-

Oprah is one of my idols. And I wanted to share with you what she said:

“Nothing is more important than being in your life’s purpose.” 

I completely agree. 

I have been lucky enough to live my purpose for almost 23 years, but it hasn’t always been this way.

Below I’m going to begin sharing my journey to one of the most impacting events of my life and how it shifted my reality forever.

I was just bipping aimlessly along in my life, frittering away my days, until I got this call from my mom saying, “It’s either jaundice or pancreatic cancer.” 

I said I’ll catch the next flight out after I got my son taken care of.

My life changed forever.


I moved to Southern California to care for her from diagnosis to death. She didn’t last long- she died 9 months after that phone call.

During those precious 9 months we became closer than ever before. In fact, she said that it was the first time she’d ever gotten to know me.

Funny, huh? To think that my own mom didn’t know me? That’s the plight of the first born girl I suppose.

So we played Gin together and she would proudly clobber me in the game.

And one of our absolute FAVORITE things to do was each week night sit on her bed and watch The Dating Game and laugh our heads off.

And of course, there were the daily doc appointments, chemo, phone calls and managing the medical community to make sure everything got delivered and was ready for our appointments.

I’m not saying anything new to those of you in my community who’ve been the primary care-giver, and I know it’s a LOT of you because you are Earth Angels each and every one.


After she passed, besides the grief of losing the most important person in my life, there was a gaping hole in my soul.

I experienced for the first time in a long time making a difference- being super important to someone who could not do without me.

And it felt very good to be used up for such a great person and purpose.

I had to find more. I was hooked. I had to keep impacting peoples’ lives.

My journey to my life’s purpose to be continued…

-Lori P


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Blessings, L

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