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Tonight learn my secret to end Depression + did you get your fr-ee coaching call?

Tonight I’ll share how I and many of my clients have beat depression without medication.

I’ll share my secrets with you in my Facebook Livestream this evening.

It starts at 7pm ET on Stepping Away From Depression.

Share with your friends. Tell them to join us- forward this email.

It’s over in my biz Facebook group at 7 pm ET, Wed, Mar 14: https://www.facebook.com/LorrainePursellMA/


Our handbook for all my 2018 Live Streams is my most acclaimed eBook,

The 3 Keys and 13 Tools to self-Love.

Get your free copy here.

In my personal and professional experience and in the experience of my clients, without self-love, misery increases, depression flourishes and sadness takes over our homes and our lives.

This is not what we want. We want to THRIVE.

Self-love is our passageway to thriving.

So join us as we gather from 7:00 – 7:30 pm ET with others staying up until the wee hours from England, Scotland, Germany, and those from Australia taking time from their business day to join us, and wonderful women from the US and Canada.

It’s happening over in my business Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LorrainePursellMA/

Let’s get you ECSTATIC about your life in 2018 and understand the antidote to depression so you’re the most POWERFUL this year!

It starts at 7pm ET! Check your local time here.

My goal and mission for these weekly Facebook Livestreams is to assist and support those who are ready to “Kick the Doors Open On Life In 2018.”

No sitting around and passively waiting.

No sleep-walking through our days.

No meek and mild here.

Do you want a fantastic life that you can hardly believe

you created???

This is the edge I’m on- EXPANSION. Are you coming?

Then join us on these weekly calls-

Put it in your calendar as a weekly event.

Clear your schedule.

Make this the best habit possible for yourself.

Always at 7:00 – 7:30 pm ET each and EVERY WEDNESDAY at https://www.facebook.com/LorrainePursellMA/

See you there!

Much love, Lori P

PS- Did you see this???

I have something new for you-

The 3-Session Coaching Starter Package

It’s especially for you if you’d like to dip your toe in and:

~Stop being tired of your life and wake up to you

~End sleep walking through your days and be more excited

~Get over feeling lost and find your direction again.

~Be finished with not using your gifts and feeling under-utilized?

~Stop letting fear control you.

This package is designed to help you be on your way to a more fulfilling, alive life and set you on the path to remembering who you- the magnificent woman meant for SOOOO much.

Clear some blocks and heal some deeper wounds holding you back from your vibrant life of joy and ease and balance and purpose.

This special package is regular $900 US.

March special offering: $497

Book a time to talk: https://meetme.so/LorrainePursell

This is your opportunity to step out of the shadows, ~Contact.FirstName~, be supported, find your purpose and start being who you were meant to be this lifetime. It is your time for loving support from someone who sees your beauty and wants your success.

It’s YOUR time, ~Contact.FirstName~.

And have you considered

Earth Angel School

This is our special Global Sisterhood of spiritually-based Women On The Rise sharing weekly live teaching and coaching from me and wisdom from each other. You will find ONLY a warm environment of love here for you to grow in- no criticism, no put-downs, no mean girls, only support and celebration for you as you courageously grow into Your great Big Life. Welcome to the warm!



2 week trial. Cancel any time.

Bonus: Private coaching call with Lorraine (value $300)

Which is the best choice for you? Let’s book a call and see: https://meetme.so/LorrainePursell

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