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Last Chance For the Price of the Year for EAS

Nearly 70% savings is going away at midnight tonight. I don’t want you to miss out if you’ve been considering joining us. Go to EarthAngelSchool.net now for these super savings.

We are having such a blast in Earth Angel School!

The live conversations and the love and support between us is THICK!

And this program is making all the difference in the lives of these women.

We are all in this together. And we really feel it in this global community of supportive women who have each others’ backs.

I created Earth Angel School because I couldn’t find a place where women truly supported each other- no gossip, criticism, negativity.

So I made it!

There is only celebration for you as you rise to the woman you want to be. The Sisters cheer you on!

You’ve probably been wondering about Earth Angel School, and I know there’s so much going on in your life right now, but stop.

This is for you, darling.

This is your chance to have lasting, weekly, ongoing support while you develop
– Courage
– Honesty with yourself
– Your Fulfilled Life
– Your joy and happiness
– Feeling like YOU again

This is your chance to learn to say YES to your desires.

This is your chance, at the deepest discount of the year, for true Sisterhood- the collective of women who truly care about each other and their happiness because they know how much it means to families to see them GLOW.

And today is the last day until next year for Earth Angel School at this lowest price at $37 a month. Almost 70% off the regular $97 a month.

I made this little video last week for you- watch it here now.

Only $37 a month (regular $97 a month) for:

WEEKLY LIVE CALLS with me so you hear my voice, my teachings and my love to encourage you to be the light that you are

LIVE COACHING from me so you solve all of your burning Qs and have courage to give your gifts and put yourself out there in a powerful way

A SAFE PLACE where you belong with supportive sisters who GET YOU & see who you are- no more explaining, justifying or worrying about being misunderstood

CALL REPLAYS to download to your personal library so you can listen when you REALLY need support to remember who you are- an Earth Angel

VIDEO RECAPS so you know what was in each call in case you can’t make it live

PRIVATE, SACRED FACEBOOK GROUP where you’re supported around the clock by caring sisters around the world who share uplifting messages 24/7

– AND First chance at deals and SPECIAL PROGRAMS I’ll be offering!

PLUS SPECIAL DISCOUNTS just for my Earth Angels!

Don’t you want to belong?

We want you to join us.

Do it for your family’s health because as they see you lighten up, they will too!

Let them see you soar into the happiest version of you.

Inspire your family to live Their Great Big Life as they watch you live yours.

Your sons and daughters will be empowered as they see you be an empowered Earth Angel.

It’s an amazing deal right now at my 70% reduction from Earth Angel School‘s regular price of $97 a month.

Join us today, the LAST day at this price until next Black Friday.

Go to EarthAngelSchool.net now and join us. You can cancel at any time.

Looking very much forward to journeying with you, dear sister. 🙂

I wanted you to read what members say.

Dee says:
“I no longer feel alone or like a freak for feeling what I feel and being who I am. Earth Angel School has made all the difference for me with the weekly call replays- I feel like I’m there even though I’ve never attended live!
-Dee James, radio personality, Williston, North Dakota

Janene says:
“Lorraine and the ladies lift me each week! I’m a changed woman- YEAH! I’ve never experienced this before. Thank you Lor for creating Earth Angel School- it is such an blessing. Woo hoo!”
– Janene Bartz, cashier manager, Aptos, CA

Donna says:
“I get so much from each call I hear on replay. Each call is SOOO powerful! I transform and get nuggets each week.
– Donna, Scotland

Love, L

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