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[Livestream Today] Another Look At Anxiety- How To End It…

Tonight’s livestream is on my most requested topic: Anxiety and Panic. Earth Angels seem to farm it- now I’m not putting you down- we’re highly sensitive beings who can look for things to worry about!

I’ll open the conversation on why we produce ANXIETY! Or do we produce it? Sometimes I think I do- that it’s not an outside or inside emotion, but a rumination I continue and escalate, all by my lonesome.

Here I am, finally at The Atlantic, after my long 11-day trek across the US. An old boyfriend commented that I looked more relaxed than ever.

The tendency to shoot myself in my own foot is coming clearly into view, especially in this new season of my life of relocating, re-establishing and re-creating myself. But here I am, determined to relax now and follow my impulse to just be a Beach Girl again- screw the seriousness! I’m ready for lightness! Are you?

I’ve watched myself feed and fuel anxiety and panic, and I want to explore how to bring ourselves back from the edge.

So, here’s to taking a broader, longer view of life, like standing back and seeing the whole beach, letting go of the tendency to fuel anxiety by being stuck in minutia.

I’ll explore this in tonight’s conversation and hope you’ll be there, too, with your insights and wisdom, at 7pm ET at Facebook.com/lorrainepursellma.

Check your local time here.

And, love, if you’d like to explore getting my one-on-one dedicated support for the anxiety and panic in your life, email me at lorraine@lorrainepursell.com.

We’ll set up a time begin with my 3-session starter package at a special price for the Holidays.

See you soon! Love, L

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