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“They are AWESOME!” Join EarthAngelSchool today FREE + heal your power leaks

I just got this Skype message from Rhyza in the Phillipines about Earth Angel School recordings…

“I’m catching up on the recordings. They’ve been awesome.”

You see, Rhyza is asleep when the calls are happening, and she still gets so much benefit from the recordings. And you will, too!

You’re an Earth Angel if you have gifts to give the world, but are a little too timid, unconfident or too scared to express them fully.

Or maybe you’re giving your gifts but not to the capacity you know you could be.

Or you’re even giving your gifts to a large capacity but you know God’s calling you to give 100% which you’re nervous about for fear of being criticized or rejected.

This is your safe place. You’re among friends- other sisters who GET YOU.

Our weekly sessions have a classes, grounding and healing meditations, coaching with me, and sisters who “get you.” And it’s FREE for a month with local dial-in number so there’s no toll charge wherever you are in the world!

You don’t need to attend live to thrive- I infuse each call with the energy you need to bring out your confident best and serve you as you listen to the replay. Many members are asleep on the other side of the world or at work when we meet.

Go ahead.
I’d say “take a risk”, but there is none.

It’s only $47 a month currently, and when you feel the strength, companionship and insights from the fellow sensitive sisters, the weekly teachings, the live coaching with me and the conversations among like-minded sisters, you’ll be hooked! But you can cancel at any time.

How can you turn this down?! It’s your chance to join us FREE in Earth Angel School- the place where Highly Sensitive Women around the globe gather to share and exchange their wisdom for thriving and finding peace in a chaotic and stressed-out world.

Start enjoying your free month now.

Find Your Energy Leaks…

Are you ready to uncover where you give your power away?

In this powerful personal assessment with me you can expect to learn:
1- Your 3 greatest ways you give your power away
2- Why you give it away
3- What life would be like without this power-loss

This 45 minute live assessment with me is $250.00.

I’m offering it at no charge to the first 25 people who schedule in July. If you’re tired of losing your Life-Force Energy, surrendering your best years to others and feeling that you could be more fulfilled, authentic and purposeful, then book with me now. Spaces are limited.

Did you miss this week’s Earth Angel Tip #11? Watch it now here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G4Mmp7pX7M.

Dedicated to your Bliss,

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