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[Webinar} Queen’s Mantra: “Everything I do, I do with Love”

Just hung up Skype with one of my most beautiful, amazing, Rock Star clients in the UK.

She was down, thinking she had to believe the drudge of life. “If I believe everything is good, am I just deluding myself?”

“NO!” I said. There is only a Stream of Well-Being. ONLY. All there is is LOVE.

Then I did an experiment with her:

“Just start saying, “I’m so happy, I’m so happy, I’m so happy, I’m so happy…”

It didn’t take her 5 or 6 rounds of saying, “I’m so happy” before this beautiful, childlike smile broke out all over her face.

This is why I say she’s a Rock Star- because she accessed the Queen inside of her!

Then she told me the most amazing thing, and it was so powerful that I’ve adopted it for myself!

She said that she used to chant this mantra, and everything changed in her life: “Everything I do I do with Love.”

(And, of course, everything in her life turned out beautifully because of it!)

YOU really can have happiness and love rule your life and your ‘Queendom’.


It really can be that simple.

Join me for tomorrow’s webinar and I’ll show you this secret and more to elevate your life to places you only dreamed possible!

No worries if you can’t make it live. The info is so valuable that I’ll send you the replay. Just go ahead and register below.

It’s your turn. Time to embrace all the happiness and love that’s there for you. Register below.





PS- Webinar Thursday on this topic:

How to Get Your Queen Status Back

You may know that my life used to be a wreck. Not anymore. I’ve found the secrets to becoming a glorious queen and reaping all the wealth, status and happiness that comes with that realm!

I used to be a Slave Girl, and I’ll explain all about that in the webinar.

Are you a Slave Girl? Do you:

~ Over-give?

~ Over-do?

~ Bend over backwards?

~ Feel like you are taken for granted?

These are all signs that you have given away your power and are now acting like Cinderella.

Join me for this special webinar and learn how to come back home to yourself.

I’m going to share all my secrets for you to get back to who you are, Love.

Register here.

Can’t wait to see you there. If you can’t make it live, no prob! You’ll get the replay! Love, Lorraine

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