My Warfare Monday Rocked Me

I realized what was happening when I sat with my client- I felt like I was on an express train to Hell.

The day had been funky and stressful already.

And the SH*T kept happening until I went to bed.

Like anything that could go wrong, was.

It pretty much was the worst day of my life until about half-way through I realized what was going on. I was at war.

As she told me the world events that caused the fight between her husband and her that lasted for 2 days, I said…

“Mission Accomplished.”

The fight was exactly the mission of the whole scheme- the downward spiral.

And it’s why I have not watched for over 30 years.

I’ll share more poignant realizations and the precise steps I took for my trek back to the light today in Earth Angel School.

I’ll share how I brought myself back from the edge of almost crashing, what it all meant, and what it means to you.

You’ve heard me say it’s a MUST that we keep our energy high and clear, but now it’s more real to me than ever before, and more important for all of us than ever before.

Hope you can make it today. 3pm ET. And if not, enroll to get the recording and get prepared for war- spiritual war.

Very little is what it appears to be. Especially now.

This message so fits with the Earth Angel Tip this week. In case you missed it, soak it in here.

If you watched it already, I recommend re-watching because we all need the message more than once. Watch here.

See you on the call today, my love.
Your emotional well-being may depend on it.

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